Most people have had Jell-O or Gelatin at some point in there life. We don’t question the food we eat and I would like to inform you that you should. If you say you are Vegan or Vegetarian and you eat Jell-O or Gelatin than you don’t know what you are eating. Read the source […]

I try and stay calm when I hear ridiculous news like this but this had me pretty heated. I feel this clown ZImmerman should be somewhere hiding or what he did but instead its like he wants some kind o fame from it. Its almost like he wants some type of fame from it. Click […]

    Seems rumor is Chris Breezy just lost his star player to the number one rapper in the game Future. I wonder if him and Chris Brown got beef, should they anyway….as details come down you know I got you.     Click for full story   photos courtesy of getty images     […]

Well as the heat raises around rapper/actor Will Smith for his and his wife’s opinions on the Oscars rumors of him allegedly being gay  n alleged proof is now coming out. What do you think and at this point does it even matter?????     Photo credit getty images   click here for full story […]

  So there was a survey taken in our city recently which was posted on worldstarhiphop and it asked the question Is Baltimore Safe. You would be surprised by most peoples answers and they live here. Kinda makes you wonder Is Baltimore Really Safe. You gotta watch the video to see it for yourself.   […]

  Well I must say this is a “HOT TOPIC’.  Allegedly the boss Ricky Rozay caught his new now old fiance in bed with another rapper. Sources allegedly say it was Wiz Khalifa. Seems the almighty MMG is just catching losses everywhere. As this one spills out I got you covered.       click […]

    Wow  I don’t know how to take this one. Is Rick Ross pointing out the truth or is he taking smoke shots at Meek Mill. Seems as if Meek cant catch a break right now. I am curious to see where this one goes.     click here for full story     […]

  Yoooo did you see the VMAs last night when I say Nikki threw the kitchen sink at Miley Live on TV OMG….Still trying to find out why before the assumptions go flying but you know I got you check story for yourself. click here for full story             Catch […]

  So K Michelle posted a video of herself running through the office in the nude and I must say she and her assets look beautiful.     K Michelle nude         Catch me on the radio live and on all social media @lilblacktheceo              

  So in the midst of all the drama between Drake and Meek Nicki throws a shot in the air hinting she is preggo…..is it real or a stunt to take the focus off of everything else…stay tuned……….   click here for full story         Catch me on the radio live or […]

This Lil girl went in on her alledged “DeadBeat Dad’. You gotta watch this she is serious bout how she fell but otherwise beautiful person to be around.       Follow me on Instagram/facebook/twitter @lilblacktheceo        

There are still no answers in the custody death of Freddie Gray but six Baltimore City police officers have been suspended in connection to the death of the severely injured 25 year old. Although police have released a more detailed timeline following the arrest of Gray, there still isn’t an explanation of how exactly Freddy […]