Today #TheAMClique got people going thanks to a viral video of a teacher “shoving” a student for calling him the “N” word. While the teacher was aggressive in how the situation was handled, this drew smoke between The AM Clique and its listeners. Kelson sided with the student. He believes the teacher was wrong on […]

California Governor Gavin Newsom is known for being a progressive Governor. In 2021 he announced the installation of a California task force studying slavery and systemic racism in order to develop reparations which is owed for all black residents. Recently the task force discovered, the amount owed overall totals to $569 Billion. According to the […]

With companies attempting to fill the voids of job positions, California is considering other methods to aid in relief for companies that have more than 500 employees. However, by aiding those companies it will cost the employees to lose eight hours; cutting the regular work week from 40 hours to 32 hours. While the process […]


A father and son were recently arrested for carrying fraudulent vaccination cards attempting to vacation in Hawaii. Trevor,19, and Norbert Chung,57, of California  were arrested on Sunday at the Daniel K. Inouye International Airport in Honolulu after a resident in their community tipped officials off about their fake vaccination cards. Attorney General rep. Joe Logan […]

Bradbury, California teenager Hailey Morinico went viral recently based off a wild moment caught on camera that showed her rescuing her service dogs from a real-life Yogi Bear.

As Pride Month gets underway, a viral video taken at a hotel pool in Sacramento, California shows just how much intolerance there still is for those who are from the LGBTQ community.


Anti protestor has been caught on video vandalizing a George Floyd mural in Long Beach California.

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A 20-year-old woman and her boyfriend were arrested this week after being accused of killing her roommates over a possible rent disagreement in a Southern California home. Jordan Guzman and her 18-year-old boyfriend, Anthony McCloud, were  arrested on Thursday after police alerted authorities in Las Vegas to a missing car belonging to one of the victims, Trinity Clyde. The […]

Student Athletes may finally get the “Athletic Reparations” that is definitely long overdue. About a month ago the Governor of the State of California signed a bill in action on the HBO hit series, ” The Shop” executive produced by NBA Star and Los Angeles Lakers Power Forward LeBron James. The bill allows student athletes […]

L.A. County Sheriffs report that the Atlanta rapper is free. In a chilling video captured over the weekend that has since gone viral, a woman is heard pleading with police officers in Hawthorne, Calif. who have high-powered weapons drawn on a kneeling and unarmed Black man. Details are still developing, but reaction online to the video has triggered a renewed conservation of excessive police […]

He worked tirelessly for the culture. Now, we must carry his legacy.