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The impending sale of Twitter to Elon Musk has a number of particular implications for Black people who use the popular social media app.


"Athletes of color have for long suffered stigmatization over any hint of marijuana use. However, African-American sports personalities are at the forefront of harnessing opportunities in this market"

With companies attempting to fill the voids of job positions, California is considering other methods to aid in relief for companies that have more than 500 employees. However, by aiding those companies it will cost the employees to lose eight hours; cutting the regular work week from 40 hours to 32 hours. While the process […]

Nike along with 25 other companies made a combined $77 billion dollars over a three-year period with Nike accounting for $4.1 bill of the $77.

  McDonald’s has answered pleads of fans to bring the Hi-C Orange drink back nationwide to the fast-food chain by June 2021. Ever since McDonald’s removed the drink from menus in 2017, fans have been sending petitions to bring it back. Now four years later, it’s being reintroduced first in select markets. To determine whether […]

2021 has been off to a wild start in the stock market and Angie Ange of The Morning Hustle has a few thoughts including why she's not the biggest fan of investing only in individual stocks.

Black Owned Companies To Invest In   One thing we all can agree on, is that the #BlackDollar is POWERFUL. This Black History Month we want to share with you five Black-owned publicly traded companies that you can invest in.   Urban One, Inc. (UONEK) is a media company and the largest Black-owned broadcasting company […]

Clubhouse is all the wave, and it has no one to thank but Black creatives for its success.

According to CNN, Instacart is laying off every employee who voted to unionize last February. Employees were in the process of negotiating their first contract when news of the layoffs came down. “These layoffs are totally discouraging for any gig workers who are trying to do something to make these jobs better,” one unionized worker […]

While the new joints marks Apple's first venture into the premium headphone market currently held down by Bose, Skullcandy and Sony, the price of the product does seem a bit OD given that a PS5 doesn't come with them.

Cyber Monday provides a chance to support Black-owned companies offering online discounts and sales for their goods during the holiday season.