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Today #TheAMClique got people going thanks to a viral video of a teacher “shoving” a student for calling him the “N” word. While the teacher was aggressive in how the situation was handled, this drew smoke between The AM Clique and its listeners. Kelson sided with the student. He believes the teacher was wrong on how he handled the situation. However, JayCee believes the teacher handled the situation because the students are currently “disrespecting” teachers in the school system.

As listeners called in, they all seemed to agree that it could have been handled differently; but are not mad at how it was handled overall. The community believes there is a disconnect between the students and teachers and how the respect level is borderline nonexistent.

You can watch the video below:

What do you think, so more measures be put in place for teachers to be able to defend themselves during these types of situations? Let us know below.