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Ok, I thought this was a joke, but clearly it’s not. A bull escaped a slaughter house and apparently took the wrong turn and ended up killed by Baltimore City police. Not sure why but this is some BULL!   WJZ is reporting: BALTIMORE (WJZ)– A bull running loose in West Baltimore was shot dead […]

Dre’s #breakfastbite.. Baltimore Police to cut 212 vacant positions. What are your thoughts? #92qjams #baltimore #MARYLAND #bmore #Wednesday Donald Smoot Time for the mayor too go I hope she enjoys her last few months in city hall. Stuart Goodall Um, if the positions are vacant, meaning they have been unfilled, thats not a job loss. […]

Baltimore Police Commissioner Anthony Batts talks to Rob Base about the new public enemy #1 initiative and the disconnect between police & community. Click to hear more! RELATED Baltimore Police conduct early morning BGF raids Baltimore police officer charged for making false statement to obtain search warrant Baltimore police make dog fighting bust Baltimore Police […]

Dre’s #breakfastbite.. The ACLU is criticizing the way Baltimore Police conduct stops & searches. What are your thoughts? #92qjams #baltimore #MARYLAND #bmore #Wednesday Free Jackson‏@MsFreeza @DreJohnson1 that’s exactly why my no license ass does not drive out bmore!!! Good morning hunny bunny. DaBoyChuckNasty‏@ChucksNastyx10 @DreJohnson1 young and black = Guilty for these cops. larri alston‏@larrialston @DreJohnson1 […]

A stretch of Bennett Place in West Baltimore has been blocked for 11 days because of violent. Only residents with ID’s are allowed on the street. Bennette Place has been the home of multiple shootings with lastest happening last night blocks away. Dre’s ‪#‎breakfastbite‬.. Should streets with high levels of violence be block off to […]

Via  Baltimore County has seen a reduction in homicides from 2011 to 2012 by 20 percent. The Baltimore County Police Chief commends the top notch crime unit that is solving the majority of the crimes that have been committed last year. Of the 23 homicide cases only 3 remain open. Read More. Score Predictions For The Ravens -vs- Colts BBW’S TAMI […]

Via: Baltimore police are seeking community help in identifying  a possible suspect  to the April 24 shooting death of a 59-year-old man who was shot while sitting on the front porch of a home in West Baltimore. Police just released a sketch based on what eyewitnesses described seeing that night.The suspect was described as a black male, tall, young looking, […]

Via: A man is dead after a hit and run in Downtown Baltimore. It`s a case that seems cold with a suspect still on the loose after nearly a year. The accident happened at the intersection of Guilford Avenue and Centre Street. It was noon, August 15, 2010. Ross died last week. The 60-year-old man had […]