Scrolling on the ghetto streets of Instagram we saw a post that struck a cord. The post read, “Don’t replace him! Teach him how to be that man you want. You can never find a perfect Man you can build your perfect Man.” While #TheAMClique seemed to have been on the same page #TheClique seem […]

While we all need a good word throughout the week and can usually get it from our favorite social media influencers or popular influential pastors, some use their platform to spew craziness or uncomfortable topics. Todays internet Pastor is no different. In a clip a Pastor stated, “if you have a man and he’s heterosexual […]

The ghetto internet streets are at it again. A young lady (podcast guest host) had a conversation on the VIB3Z PODCAST stressing how she would rather have a broke loyal man compared to having a rich one that’s disloyal. Honestly, our listeners and the comments section had mixed emotions on this one. Some are in […]

#SoIHaveAFriend: that has been going through her own mental health issues over time. Now that she feels she has a grasp on her energy recently, the mental health bug has bitten her boyfriend due to him being furloughed from his job; due to the Coronavirus. So she hit me up and asked me, “Hey JayCee, […]


#SoIHaveAFriend: That is an educator who is enjoying her much needed time off and away. However, as an educator she is super curious as to how parents are doing with their children whom they usually send them to for structure. Now that schools are closed she’s more so concerned that all of her structures that […]

  #SoIHaveAFriend: that is a apart of the Millennial generation. This generation seems to be losing their minds currently because they believe that the #Coronoavirus will not affect or effect them. One of my friends said, “Her immune system is strong and I’m only here for a short time anyway.” So my question is, “What […]


#SoIHaveAFriend: He’s a very outgoing individual and loves to chill with friends and the person he may be dating at the time. He’s currently single mainly because he’s unhappy with the selection of women he’s been attracting. He’s able to deal with the late work hours and the going out with girlfriends thing. Those insecurities […]


#SoIHaveAFriend: My home girl recently received a promotion on her job! Major Congrats Right? I would think so too. However, recently her now fiance (congrats to them) has been acting differently ever since he found out about her increased salary that came with the promotion. He now makes less money than she does, when at […]


#SoIHaveAFriend: That is dating this guy who doesn’t believe that energy is transferable. She personally has attended personal therapy to understand how to deal with her conversational topics of choice, delivery in conversation and most importantly protecting her energy! Since then her personal growth in being vocal has increased but so has their arguments? So […]


#SoIHaveAFriend: That is an avid believer in your words have power. She doesn’t believe in saying bye on the phone, because she thinks it’s too final. She believes “See Ya Later” will sufice and is better. She believes in knowing that you can also dictate the power of when you see people for their last […]

When Tamar Braxton appeared on ‘The View’ today, she discussed her marriage status with Vincent Herbert. She said that her and Vince are in extensive counseling. When she had the meltdown on Twitter a few weeks, she blamed herself with being too open with folks about issues in her marriage. “Keep people out your business. […]

With the holidays coming up, relationships are a major concern for a lot of people, romantic or otherwise. But dealing with the holidays while missing a loved one who has passed away is especially difficult, especially if it’s the first time you’ll be spending the season without them. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Knowing the […]