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1. earl-sweat-shirt

Talented rapper but why do you look like an Iguana ?

2. picture-121


Lil Mama just bothers my spirit she is like hip -hop’s unwanted step child

3. chief-keef-mug-shot


Im still trying to figure out why the B**** love Sosa

4. 120612-music-should-know-trinidad-james


Jerome In The House !

5. wiz-khalifa-onifc-tn


WIz You need to eat some food

6. fattrel


I like Fat Trels Music but that is clearly a face only a mother can love

7. danny-brown


Danny brown Is the definition of what you’ll look like if you do Drugs

8. lil-wayne-thumbs-up


All the money in the wold but you still look like a gremlin

9. guccimanetattoo


the dumbest and ugliest in my book Guccci has been having a baby for the past 2 years

10. katie

Katie Got Bands Music gets me turnt but her face is like a monster in my closet

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