The Vault

Hello party people, time to put another great in the vault. Today’s artist is the legendary Andre 3000 from Outkast. Now Big Boi is nice, but 3 Stacks is a beast! Gotta be in my Top 10 of best MC’s EVER! Let’s do “Hey Ya” and “Prototype“.

This would be a perfect time to throw these dudes in the vault. Possibly the best time because of the state that American is in. We have a President that don’t know what to say out his mouth…A country not playing with our president…. it’s too much to handle. We need “Public Enemy” to drop […]

We should have been put this shorty up in the vault….but I had to be patient. Remy been herself from day 1 and has never changed. So on that note let’s go back and throw “Whateva” and “Conceited“. Pun would be so proud of you girl…

Good Monday people, time for the Video Vault to add another artist in the books. Let’s go to Philly and push the girl EVE up in there. Like for real, I haven’t heard from miss lady since she married that billionaire…..then again….you wouldn’t hear from me either I guess. How bout we do “What Ya’ll […]

I love Thursdays….Cause we get to throw a throwback in the vault. Let’s go to the “west west” and put Digital Underground up in there. The group that started the boy 2Pac. They were the modern day “Parliament/Funkedelic” if you asked me. Let’s bang that “Humpty Dance” and “Doowutchyalike“…. Classic Joints! Enjoy…

Hey gang, time to throw somebody in the vault. I don’t be putting my hands on women….but I had to put these paws on this sexy thang! LOL …. Jazmine Sullivan came back hard as hell with the boy Bryson Tiller on “Insecure“. After you watch her videos go search her new jam on […]

Hey Gang! We back in the Vault with the boy Pharrell. He got to be one of the best producers EVER! Too many hits to count so I’ll just throw his ass in there…..Let’s do “Happy” and “Can I Have It Like That“. Enjoy….PS, Can we have another N.E.R.D. album soon?      

Well, well, well…..we’re half way there to the greatest album ever made!.I’m saying, I just want a good joint to bump in my car. I want to hear some slick ass double entendres over some slick ass beats….THATS IT! Until then let’s check out the vault and put “Excuse Me MIss” and “Change Clothes“. […]

You already know what I’m doing this week….. Countdown to 4:44! Been waiting 4 years for another Jay album. I’m not gonna front…I was a little disappointed in Magna Carta. I hope Jay brings us more New York style beats and for real…..No Trap features….Hey man, I’ve had enough LOL. Let’s enjoy “Song Cry” and […]

Hip Hop has lost another hero. Prodigy of Mobb Deep has passed away earlier this morning due to complications of sickle cell. Mobb Deep was a true pioneer group for my generation. True authentic street music at it’s finest. Let’s celebrate his life by watching the boy in action with “Shook Ones“, “Put Em In […]

You knoW I had to throw them twins in the vault right? Congrats to Jay and Bey for their healthy babies! Now comes the internet question of the day….what to name the new bundles of joy? I wonder what Jay is gonna name his son…. SC Jr.? Nasir? Damien? Johnny has a nice ring to […]

Damn…..Lebron lost…..KD won……that’s it……Great year! I just was thinking about this the other day. Remember the “Big Fight” between the Pistons and Pacers??? CRAZY!! Oh you don’t remember….WATCH THIS….