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Do you (or have you) kept secrets in your relationship/marriage? Is it your right to keep certain things to yourself? Here’s what you had to say:


@PaulaCampbell @kikibrown92Q every1 has some kind of secret (I think) I dont think its Right! I think that’s just life & u have 2 take the good w/the bad

@kristensmith @kikibrown92Q I feel that relationships are an equal partnership; their should be some separation of space for “me” things but no secrets

KrisCarter23 @kikibrown92Q yup somethings u should just keep 2 yaself. they dont need 2 know EVERYTHING. Sometimes its for the best


Andrea F. Jarmon I don’t think if u r in any kind of relationship u should keep secrects! Always be true 2 yourself and u can always be truthful 2 others! God is our judge him and him alone but u should always give the other person the opportunity 2 decide if they want 2 deal with your secret!

Antonio DjBunk Dodson Yeah, but my Granny always told me this kiki, “Never let your Left hand know, What your Right head is holding” lol, Thats just me i never let somebody i’m with know everything about me

Brian Davison I think lying is bad for a relationship, but not telling on yourself is not lying thats self preservation

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