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In an interview with Brooklyn Bodega, The Abstract confirms that he’s doing tracks for upcoming albums from Nas, Kanye West, and Talib Kweli, and that he wants to work with Jay-Z again!

BB: You seem to be very selective when it comes to picking artists to produce for. So how do you go about choosing projects?

Q-Tip: I just try to work with people who I admire or whom I think has got it. So right now I’m working on Nas’ shit, about to work with Kanye on his shit. Just trying to keep up my momentum. I’m about to work with Talib on his project. I been trying to work with Hova for a while so hopefully he’ll realize the heat I got and come with it [laughs].

Tip last worked with Nas on 1994’s Illmatic on the song “One Love” and the classic remix of “The World Is Yours.”

Interview spotted at Rap Radar via Brooklyn Bodega.

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