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Two men were arrested last week at Juelz Santana’s 27th birthday party in New York, after they raked up a whopping $28,500 bar tab in an attempt to impress the rapper, and then, tried to pay with phony credit cards.

According to the New York Post, 23-year-old Robsson Depeine and 24-year-old Jeff Sylvain were the men busted for the credit card scam, when they ordered up several expensive bottles of champagne in the VIP section of M2 Ultra Lounge in New York.

They ordered at least 40 bottles of Moet Nectar Rose at $400 a pop during the evening, and another three bottles of very pricey Veuve Clicquot champagne, said the report, some of which were sent over to Santana’s table.

During their first order, Depeine allegedly presented a valid ID and an AMEX card that initially checked out. Then later, after ordering more bottles of champagne, he presented a second card with an ID, and the club’s manager became suspicious.

“The purchase was ridiculous and Sylvain introduced a second card with his ID and I knew that’s when there was a problem,” general manager Dan Devlin told the paper.

As soon as the club’s staff realized something was up, they begin to take the bottles back. That’s when the two men tried to flee, but were nabbed by security.

They are being held on $20,000 bail on charges of grand larceny and criminal possession of a forged instrument.

The pair’s lawyer, Joseph Coluccio, told the Post that his clients never gave the club a credit card. He said the club is trying to pin the crime on the pair because they couldn’t find the real culprits.

“My clients were invited to a birthday party,” Coluccio said. “There were several people putting down credit cards and ordering pricey bottles of champagne. There was chaos at the end of the night and the bartender realized that there had been fraudulent transactions.

“The club couldn’t find the real person who gave them the credit card, so my clients were wrongfully identified. It’s a joke,” he continued.

According to the paper, another man tried to pull the same scam that very night, but was busted pretty quickly.

Aside from the phony credit card bust, Juelz Santana’s party also made headlines when a man was beat down in the middle of the party, all while TMZ cameras caught it on tape.