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Are there too many men running around with Trina lip tattoos? Both Soulja Boy and Kenyon Martin have Trina’s lips on their necks. Here is the latest according to mediatakeout.com and what listeners think about regrettable tattoos.

MediaTakeOut.com just got some EXPLOSIVE news. We have been trying to figure of why, for the last few weeks, we haven’t seen NBA baller Kenyon Martin out with his girlfriend – rapper Trina. Well we’ve now learned that the two have decided to “take a break.”

What happened?? Well we can’t say for sure, but we can say that Trina’s RUMORED relationship with Soulja Boy ain’t just a rumor. The two of them have IN FACT been getting it in.

And here’s where it gets even more interesting. Remember months ago when Soulja Boy got a tat of lips on his neck. Well now our snitches tell us that those lips are ACTUALLY Trina’s. What’s even more SCANDALOUS!!! Soulja Boy and Kenyon both got the tats of Trina’s lips on their neck WITHIN THE SAME MONTH!!!

Trina GIRRRRRRL, we ain’t mad at you at all!!!


This is what Love Zone listeners had to say about tattoos they regret:


Brandi – Getting a tattoo of my ex-husband’s name. We are now divorce and i’ve had it covered up. But to my surprise… he’s name is starting to show thru the cover up. Boy my momma told me, you never put a man’s name on your body….I should’ve listen!


Shameka – I have a few tats n da only male names I have is my cuz n grandfather n dats starts wit RIP. I think twice about any tat I get so dat I won’t regret it lata on n life


KeKe – I Regret Getting my baby fathers name on my neck bcuz we are no longer together or speak 2 one another and too top it off I had a miscarriage…. Def regret his tat.


Terrelle – I got my ex’s name tatted on my wrist on March 13th and found out he had a baby on the way with someone else June 6th. I regret the moment I thought of doing it. I regret the moment it was done. Now I look at it as a lesson learned. I was young dumb and in love. I’m older wiser and stronger. What’s done is done! It’s finally getting covered as a gift to me and my new man because I refuse to walk down the aisle with that scar.


Trey – I got a Tattoo of My ex’s Bite mark. Now my new boyfriend is mad wit my ex and geeks every time he sees it.