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Love Zone Ques: Bad Sex, Long Distance Relationships and More …

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Sunday night was hot in the Love Zone — Open Question Night. We addressed long distance relationships, bad sex and more. Make sure you check out the Love Zone Sun-Thurs at 10pm for the latest in sex, love and relationships.

Below are listener questions from Twitter and Facebook. They have not been edited. Feel free to reach out to me at teasebyladawn (Twitter) or search “LaDawn Black” on Facebook to join my fan page or leave your questions/comments here at 92Q!



Why is it that when ur in a relationship wit some one they always seem to look past u like u not there but when u leave them they see you and now wanna do everything to get u back?

the truth is that when things are easy —  it is easy to overlook a partner. most people like a challenge and they love to chase so that is y u become more attractive after a break-up. the trick is to always b a bit out of reach even when u r with a person so that they always feel that they have to b the best to keep the best.



Why is it hard to find a man who has his stuff together cause I am tired of grown men who act like they r 12

where r u looking for guys? is your stuff together? people who want the best have to b the best and b willing to work to continually bring the best into their circle. go where great guys are and stop just dating any guy who asks. plan out what u want from a mate and place yourself in situations where u can meet them.



is there such a thing as keeping urself from falling in love……

yes, u can with focus see someone and not let feelings get involved. however, y would u do this?? love is so much more interesting with feelings and emotion …. don’t cheat your experience.



How do you tell your man he’s not satisfying you right without hurting his feelings

point out sexy scenes in books, tv, movies and ask him … would he like to try these things out? its about wrapping everything in making the sex even better without saying that the sex u currently have sucks :)



im trynna get wit a girl but she has a bf but she still feelin me and givin me game should i jus leave her alone until she leaves her man or should i still pursue? becuz wat she does 2 her bf i dnt want her 2 do 2 me u kno?

wait til she is free. trust me if she is really into u she will leave him for u. if she never does, u were fun for her and she had no intention to ever b your girl.


How do you know your man really loves you?

u r his priority and he does his best to keep u happy. plus, the relationship is a positive one and u guys have a clear future.


Do long distance relationships really work?

yes, must establish relationship rules ahead of time to make sure things are clear.