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When you think of Herding Sheep, we are used to seeing a Shepherd and a dog gathering sheep that have roamed astray. When of you think of herding sheep in the biblical context, GOD is the shepherds and his followers are his sheep. Well during Chapel at St Peters Elementary School, a bishop chose to show this example by putting a hook around a black 5 year’s old neck, while others watched and laughed. According to the mom, when she got a notification about what her son allegedly volunteered to do, she didn’t find anything funny at all.

The picture quickly circulated online once the mom shared it on social media and people began commenting. After The AM Clique was notified, we reached out to the mother to find out what was going on.

You can hear the full interview below.

After we went live with the story, we received screenshots of someone reaching out to the school. You can see this below.

Screenshots Provided By Ms. Gilmore Of Baltimore

Source: Kelson / Shared By Kelson

Screenshots Provided By Ms. Gilmore Of Baltimore To Share on WERQ-92Q

Source: Ms.Gilmore / Shared By Kelson

Some people feel that this is being taking out of context because he “volunteered” to be a sheep. I’m sure this 5 year old thought it would be cool to be the center of attention but NOT like this.