When you think of Herding Sheep, we are used to seeing a Shepherd and a dog gathering sheep that have roamed astray. When of you think of herding sheep in the biblical context, GOD is the shepherds and his followers are his sheep. Well during Chapel at St Peters Elementary School, a bishop chose to […]

We’re sending to prayers to the students over at Bowie State University, as they have issues a ‘Shelter In Place’ in order, as they have received a Bomb Threat. Bowie shared the information about the lockdown on Twitter. Bowie State University is just one of the HBCU’s that have received a bomb threat this morning. […]

Effective immediately, students enrolled in the Maryland School system must wear a mask when they enter the building. The State Legislative committee met early today to approve the emergency statewide regulation, in an attempt stop the spread of COVID and to keep students in the school building. The Mask Mandate will last for 180 days […]

With the Omicron variant spiking as we go into the holiday, you would think that returning students to virtual learning would be on top of the ‘Must Do’ list for Education leaders, but at the moment, that is not the case. In a statement that was released yesterday from MSDE, they want to keep the […]

After alarming returns on a survey, a local group of designers, Open Works provided desks to over 4,400 Baltimore City students.


The solutions is to educate the kids about jail and the choices they make can lead to jail time. Jermaine Woodard says that police and security may not reach the kids like a convict could. The system is set up to get kids to jail but Woodard wants to help change that. www.foxbaltimore.com The Baltimore native […]


We’re praying for a speedy recovery for those involved in a crash that happened around 10:40am this morning at Barclay Elementary/Middle School in Baltimore. According to reports, a vehicle slammed into Barclay Elementary/Middle School this morning injuring 1 adult and 5 kids. Everyone involved were taken to a hospital to be checked. A spokesperson for […]


Usually when kids are acting disruptive in school, they’re either placed in detention or suspended.When it comes to one Baltimore school, that is old way of the question. Robert W Coleman Elementary are currently using “Mindful Meditation” which consist of sitting in a room and go through breathing practices to work out their issues. They […]

Due to the upcoming heat on Thursday, all Baltimore County Public Schools with no air-conditioning will be closed, according to school officials. Thursday’s heat will also delay City schools three hours. Half-day pre-kindergarten. And all after-school activities are also canceled, Baltimore City Public School officials said. ALSO TRENDING: Erica Mena Shades Bow Wow In The Most […]

What are your thoughts on the lack of Black History being taught in schools? @92qjamsbmore @DreJohnson1 Wouldn’t it be beautiful if OUR history was incorporated into the curriculum!!! — Helen Washington (@LynnWashington) February 2, 2016 //platform.twitter.com/widgets.js @DreJohnson1 Black History education begins at home and parents need to ensure their kids know it ALL YEAR ROUND! […]

Michigan's water crisis in Flint has also opened up concern for the state's school issues in Detroit, U.S. Uncut reports.

Dre’s #Breakfastbite.. The City plans to issue a $250 fine for parents double parking at school drop-offs. What are your thoughts?  @DreJohnson1 #breakfastbite maybe not fined but better organization. — Asha Hicks (@Aw3som3Ash) March 31, 2015 @DreJohnson1 Motives r important*It’s a problem with City thinking bad behavior can b deterred by fines, b4 long we’ll […]