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Ughhh, Pusha T is wrecking havoc in the fast food world. At one point, Pusha T was on the fighting side with McDonald’s (since 2003 when he help pen their “I’m Lovin’ It” jingle) but now, it seems he has flipped sides. Yesterday, Pusha T dropped his Arby’s sponsored diss song at McDonald’s.


Pusha T kicks things off with, “I’m the reason the whole world love it / Now I gotta crush it.”

Some of the other shots, Pusha T takes at Mickey D’s are:

“Filet-O-Fish is s**t / And you should be disgusted. How dare you sell a square fish / Asking us to trust it / A half slice of cheese / Mickey D’s on a budget?”

“A little cube of fish from a clown is basic. Drowned in tartar / That Filet-O-Fish is tasteless.”

“If you know me and you know me well / Our fish is gonna tip that scale.”

Damn, all the food chains restaurants might be in Danger.