McDonald’s says their not forgetting about the adults that were once kids as well. Accroding to NPR, “On October 3rd, McDonald’s will offer the Cactus Plant Flea Market Meal Box, where adults can get a taste of childhood nostalgia. The box comes with a meal and a classic McDonald’s character: Grimace, the Hamburglar, Birdie and […]

Ughhh, Pusha T is wrecking havoc in the fast food world. At one point, Pusha T was on the fighting side with McDonald’s (since 2003 when he help pen their “I’m Lovin’ It” jingle) but now, it seems he has flipped sides. Yesterday, Pusha T dropped his Arby’s sponsored diss song at McDonald’s. Just dropped […]

McDonald's is set to pay $33.5 million to Herb Washington, a Black owner of multiple Mickey D's franchises, to settle a lawsuit accusing the company of systemically giving white owners more opportunity to buy restaurants in affluent neighborhoods.

The suspect stabbed the man after he tried to intervene between a security guard and the assailant over the amount of sugar inside his coffee.

In life, three things are guaranteed: death, taxes, and McDonald's McFlurry machine always being "broken."

The ice cream machines at McDonald's unfortunately more than often tend to be broken, but it looks like a lawsuit from a company that wants to fix the problem once and for all may be just what we all need to serve that sweet tooth without any technical issues. 

McDonald's is deep in its marketing bag. To highlight the arrival of its new Crispy Chicken Sandwich, the Golden Arches tapped producer Tay Keith to be part of its "Crispy Chicken Sandwich Drop" that includes new music as well as a limited-edition capsule collection of gear.