If you thought the pandemic was over, guess what? It’s not. There’s a new COVID-19 variant strain and it’s spreading across the world. EG.5, also known as “Eris”, accounts for the growing number of COVID-19 cases in China and the United States. According to experts, it poses a similar level of global risk as previous […]

Tyrese has been going through it recently. While on set taping for a show he’s working on he received a call no child ever wants to hear. He posted on his Instagram account, “My mother is now in a coma, in ICU with pneumonia and COVID she’s so sedated that she can’t even eat or […]

Experts say the encouraging news is hinged on booster doses administered in the state. Details inside.

“Do ya Do ya Do ya Do ya Do ya Do ya, now do you think you Mary Jane?” Yup, one of Mother’s Nature favorite herb may be the saving grace to help protect us from COVID-19. According to a report posted with Bloomberg, cannabis compounds (cannabigerolic acid, or CBGA, and cannabidiolic acid, or CBDA) […]

With COVID running rampant in the streets across the U.S., some local teens here in Baltimore are using music to help spread the word about teens getting vaccinated. With Baltimore youth vaccination rate being 20 percent below the states average, Voices On Vax, is hoping that using music will help get the word out and […]

“We are providing this planning time to all teachers now to minimize disruption should an individual school have to temporarily shift to virtual instruction,” officials shared in a memo.

In a press conference Thursday, Governor Larry Hogan announced new testing sites in Maryland as well as a call to the federal government for more assistance.

At this point, we have seen it. Just when we thought it couldn’t get any worst, it does. It has been reported that another COVID-19 variant has been detected in France. According to @fox35orlando, the variant is named #IHU and so far it has already infected 12 people living in naer Marseille, a port city […]

"You ain't sick enough to pull it on yourself." - Kendrick Lamar, "D.N.A."

With the Omicron variant spiking as we go into the holiday, you would think that returning students to virtual learning would be on top of the ‘Must Do’ list for Education leaders, but at the moment, that is not the case. In a statement that was released yesterday from MSDE, they want to keep the […]

Just in time for the holidays, Mayor Brandon Scott is implementing an incentive to encourage city government employees to get vaccinated. In a Press Release from Mayor’s Scott ‘Office Of Communications’ shared that his office will provide a one-time $1,000 payment to employees that are vaccinated. In order to be eligible for the $1,000 payment, […]

It seems that Covid-19 is not going anywhere no time soon. A new variant has touchdown in California. The “Omicron” variant is the new virus in the line of this diesease. Please continue to wear your mask and keep your distance. Be safe out here ya’ll. Here’s all the info you need… Click HERE to […]