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Kids At The July 2018 KYS Block Party

Source: Brian Stukes / On-SiteFotos.com

I’m not sure about you but when we hear about murders in our city, it’s concerning. When you hear about children being killed, that is just heart-breaking. I can remember at one time when it came to street business, women and children were off the table. It seems the last couple of years, no one is off limits. How can this be? How did we get here? How is this okay?

Just this week, we heard about 5-year old Nivea Anderson who was found unresponsive in a home in the 2800 block of Pelham. When she was found, she had bruising on her face from prior abuse. Last night, a 13-year old was fatally shot by Gilmore Elementary. Also, a former Baltimore County police officer kidnapped and shot his two daughters in a police chase that ended in Western Maryland.

I’m coming from this as a human being first and a dad second, these babies deserve to be protected and given a chance to live! How can anyone in their right mind harm a child? If the child is too much for you, give the child to the other parent, a family member or hell take them to a shelter. Why don’t these babies get a chance at life? Why can’t they get a chance to go to school, meet friends, fall and skin their knee, get cavities, experience heartbreak? Are some of us that selfish that not only do we care about life, but a child’s life? Let these babies live.