Every year, we hear about one of our favorite rappers considering leaving rap or saying that their next album is their last. In 2016, 50 Cent he was considering putting the mic down. Now in 2021, 50 Cent is saying it again. On his IG account, he captioned his video with “Smile my next album […]

Technology is a great thing, right? But, at what cost. Nowadays, we have smart cars, phones, appliances and even toys. When it comes to Smart Toys that are for your children, a company is warning that they could be spying on your children. A company called, Trouble In Toyland, is warning that if toys can […]

With the Omicron variant spiking as we go into the holiday, you would think that returning students to virtual learning would be on top of the ‘Must Do’ list for Education leaders, but at the moment, that is not the case. In a statement that was released yesterday from MSDE, they want to keep the […]

Just because we haven’t heard any new music from Chance The Rapper or seen him pop up on anyone’s stage, doesn’t mean he isn’t getting to it. The Ice Cream company, Ben & Jerry’s just announced that coming in 2022, he will be getting his own flavor of ice cream. Chance’s flavor will be ‘Mint […]

Social Media was buzzing yesterday after a short-form video on Tik Tok spread like wild fire warning schools of shootings on Friday, December 17th, across the country. School systems and Law Enforcements were made aware of the threats and began to investigate the post and warn families of the threat. During their investigation they found […]

More city jobs are on the way thanks to Mayor Brandon Scott’s latest move while in office. In a Press Release published yesterday, Scott has announced that his office is removing pre-employment Alcohol and Drug Screening for non-safety sensitive jobs. “We want the best and brightest candidates to help us provide efficient and effective City […]

Usually couples find that counseling can help their failing relationship but that is not the case for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. According to sources, Kim Kardashian has been requesting that Kanye respond to her divorce request since February 2021, but has failed to do so. That is why on Friday, Kim requested the judge […]

Kids at Dickey Hill Elementary/Middle school got a little holiday cheer yesterday courtesy of Brandon Stephens of The Baltimore Ravens and Safeway. Stephens stopped by and put smiles on the kids faces by giving them holiday gifts. Their families also was blessed this holiday season by receiving Safeway giftcards. Stephens shared with WBAL that, “I’m […]

More killings have rocked the city of Baltimore, this time leaving more kids parentless. A woman was found shot dead in her Federal Hill home, after being murdered by her boyfriend, 44-year-old Rajaee Shareef Black. Shortly thereafter, the man traveled to Columbia, MD to shoot his ex-wife, 42-year-old Wendy Natalie Black. Prior to attacking and […]

Last night the world was on it’s feet waiting for this historic event. Los Angeles was on fire! Kanye [I mean Ye) and Drake performed at the LA Coliseum for the “Free Larry Hoover” benefit. Enough talking and typing, if you messed it…we got you! Click HERE to watch the show  

Since being released from prison, NBA Youngboy is finding creative ways to connect with his fans, since he can’t leave the house. He also just released a video for his song, Black Ball” where he is spotted rocking a new look. During one of his recent appearances on Clubhouse with Akademiks, he spoke about his […]

Just in time for the holidays, Mayor Brandon Scott is implementing an incentive to encourage city government employees to get vaccinated. In a Press Release from Mayor’s Scott ‘Office Of Communications’ shared that his office will provide a one-time $1,000 payment to employees that are vaccinated. In order to be eligible for the $1,000 payment, […]