With inflation at it’s peak. Gas prices and food prices are exploding but salary and minimum wage is not keeping up with the uptick trend. Well one Tiktokker told his recent financial journey through a four-part series. On day four of the series he showed himself unpacking his suitcases while at his work cubical. In […]

Simone Harris is an American music manager, real estate investor and entrepreneur from Washington DC. She is the founder and CEO of Equity Finance and Tax Services, one of the largest debt removal companies in the south. She works with countless A-list celebrities assisting with millions of debt which is how I became familiar with her. […]

Part of the changes to Airbnb will include less of an emphasis on user photo displays and expansion of its instant booking program, which allows guests to reserve rooms without host approval.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West don't make it to New York often, but when they do, they do it with style.

Airbnb wants to give Kim Kardashian and Kanye West a free stay in a luxurious NYC penthouse this fall.