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To no one’s surprise, we’re all still waiting on Kanye West’s Donda album. Apparently Kanye wants to be sure to get it done this time. He’s reportedly locked himself in Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium to finish the album. TMZ reports that Ye’ has created room & board, studio space, and has even brought in a personal chef.

The massive dome was the site for Kanye’s surprise listening event Thursday (Jul. 22) for the anticipated album. As you probably can expect, it was sold out. Donda was due to arrive on Friday (Jul. 23), but it has been pushed back to August 6th.

He still has the same clothes on.

Let’s not forget it’s “scary hours” for music promotion and many artists will go to great lengths for a stream. It could be a PR stunt, but Kanye has been walking around the dome in the same clothes he had on during the listening event.

He’s even been spotted at the Atlanta United Soccer game. Same gear. Right down to the stocking over the face.

Again, maybe he has multiple outfits.

Music, bro.

I miss the days of album release dates and limited antics. I can honestly say that I haven’t been doing much checking for Donda and I think it’s because I’m exhausted from the antics.

It especially pains me when talented artists (like Yeezy) rely on everything else except the music to be great. It would be wonderful to see Kanye pick a release date in the super-future, far enough for him to get his affairs in order. Release the album and let the music glow without the publicity stunts.

But, here I am writing about it so I guess Kanye wins again.