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Ty’Liyah Monroe is not to be misinterpreted as all beauty and no brains. She has an

unwavering relentless grind induced by her tactful ability to independently land gigs in the

entertainment industry. She has premiered in nearly a hundred music videos, modeled in many photoshoots, hosted events throughout the club scene of Atlanta, Georgia. She has been the highlight of a multitude of blogs, podcasts, and radio interviews.

Some of the most recent music videos that Ty’Liyah has been in are; Jeezy’s One Time, Lil

Baby’s Boss B***h, Wiz Khalifa‘s Going Hard, Young Dolph’s Paranoid, K Camp

featuring Fabo Tatted Up, and Lil Duval featuring T.I. Be Happy. The grind doesn’t stop

there; she has also released some of her music. These include the independent tracks

Fantasy” and “Facts“, Both can be found on all stream platforms.

Despite where this stunning goddess is present, she is impressionably known to grasp her

onlookers attention. Perhaps, some would stare on account of the 125 intriguing tattoos

canvassing her seductive body.

Ty'Liyah Monroe

Source: Ty’Liyah Monroe / Ty’Liyah Monroe

Raven Paris: So I would first like to commend you on your strength. Getting tattoos is not easy. They are very painful actually lol, but I want to get into the actual meanings behind them?

Ty’Liyah Monroe: Well, some of them don’t have meaning, but a lot of them do. Once when I had a miscarriage, I got my little baby on me. I also got numbers on me to represent different personal reasons. Also like, when I’m going through certain things, I just go get a tattoo to make me happy. 

Raven Paris: People do certain things to help them get through certain experiences they have. Where did your love for tattoos come from? How did that become like your go-to for relief? 

Ty’Liyah Monroe: Well, when I got my first tattoo, it just felt so good. One day, I think I was like mad or depressed or something so I was like, I’m going to get a tattoo today. After I got my tattoo, I was just like so happy and I felt so good; so I was like this is how I’m going to get back to being happy, if I’m going through anything. I have like one 130 now, I just recently got some new tattoos.

Raven Paris: Wow. 130!! So you spoke on depression x mental health. I feel like that’s a big thing that many women, and many people are experiencing right now. We all have some type of experience that happened in our childhood, our teenage years or maybe our early adult years that really changed our perspectives and made us become who we are now, what was yours? 

Ty’Liyah Monroe: Well, you know, I definitely been through a lot. I feel like I grew up a little bit earlier than when I was supposed to by putting myself in a fast lifestyle, when I really didn’t have to. I feel like my past experiences have allowed me to be able to help other people. Some stuff that we go through, we learn to be  a helper to the next person. When they go do certain things, they might not be able to handle it, how you do so I’ve been able to talk them through it

Raven Paris: That’s very true! Your past experiences have opened up many doors for you too. Out of all the video shoots you’ve been in, which one was your favorite? 

Ty’Liyah Monroe: Be Happy video, I think that was so dope to do. It was T.I and Lil Duval video, but Snoop had a cameo in there, so that was super dope. I’ve done so many videos and I have to say, I really enjoyed doing all of them. I got to meet a lot of the different celebrities, and the indie artists also. It’s always lit when I’m on set anyway *laughs* 

Raven Paris: No, I love that. There’s a lot of people who want to get into the industry and don’t exactly know how or what to do. What were some steps that helped you, you know, break into it? 

Ty’Liyah MonroeWell, basically, I just promoted myself and put myself out there. I also networked! I used to dance and then I switched over to the modeling industry. One fun fact about me is that I love to be in the house. I love being in my own space, but people was like, if you want to model, you have to get out and network. Once I finally got out, started networking and meeting new people those people started telling other people about me. So that’s what really helped me break into the industry, networking and getting to know people. 

Raven Paris: Who are some of your influences who has helped shaped you?

Ty’Liyah Monroe: Nicki Minaj, That’s my baby…I love her so much. I also listened to a lot of Erykah Badu, I’m a nineties baby. I also love me some Summer Walker. I love her spirit, her mentality and just her as a person. I actually met her before, I didn’t know who she was at first, I was at a concert here in Atlanta and she was like, you’re so pretty and I was just like, thank you.  I didn’t realize who it was at first then day’s later on Instagram I was like, Ohhh, that was Summer Walker!!!

Ty'Liyah Monroe

Source: Ty’Liyah Monroe / Ty’Liyah Monroe

Raven Paris: I love me some Summer!! Is there anything else that you want to share with us that you have coming up? and also how can we follow you and support you? 

Ty’Liyah Monroe: Yes! my new brand that I will be dropping called, Versetël that’s on the way!  It’s actually in the works as we speak and that’s all at this moment. You can follow me on Instagram and visit my website. I also have a community number if you want to text me and stay in contact with me it’s (404) 737-0696.

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