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Super-producer and rapper Juicy J is apologizing for using drug references in music.

The North-Memphis rapper and super-producer has been the leader of the “trippy” movement for decades alongside his Three Six Mafia group. Juicy is on record for saying that he felt no responsibility for what his lyrics may encourage his fans to do.

He shared those views during his 2014 interview with Thrasher Skateboarding Magazine:

“Naw, because I feel like the parents should be responsible for what happens to their kids, you know what I’m sayin? I mean, I do me. I don’t advise kids to do what I do. I’m just doing me. I just smoke a little weed and do a little drink. It’s up to the parents to watch their kids and make sure their kids aren’t doing any crazy drugs. I always blame the parents. When their kids are doing something crazy, I blame the parents. It’s not my business to raise anybody else’s kids. Mom and Dad got to do all that.”

Clearly, he is no longer aligned with those views. How do you feel about it? Has Juicy’s music encouraged drug use within the culture?


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