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Source: Robbie Ann Darby / http://www.RADexperience.com

The body needs balance and you have to listen to your body and follow the signs. The core/Abs are the reason we stand up tall and don’t slump over when we walk.  Strength training is a big part of over all health and balance. Eating right and drinking plenty of water is a must but Mind, Body and Spirit need to be in balance too. www.fitnessblender.com

Single Leg Head Nods – To do these, imagine that you are using your nose to write a capital “H”, with the head turn being the connective bar of the H and the nods on each side being the “legs” of the H. This is deceptively difficult, but if you find that you are cruising along without feeling challenged, try closing your eyes while doing the motion. If you can do this exercise without feeling challenged, you should consider moving onto our advanced version (see video library).

Kneeling Superman – This is a low impact total body exercise that improves your balance, largely by increasing your core strength. If you need to make this exercise easier, you can modify the move by only lifting one limb at a time, which gives you a more solid platform to do the extensions from.

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