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The traditional way of living is moved to a different level. We have to understand that our health is all we have. Health is the new Wealth. The best think you can do is have a plan to get up and get moving so you can change your life. Only you can make that happen through your actions..

3. Change your environment.

This will change depending upon your goal. But if you want to lose weight and get healthier, you know that you need to stock your kitchen and pantry with healthy, wholesome foods that you will actually eat. Go through your kitchen, pantry and cabinet. Look at each item, one by one and put them into three groups: Foods that are healthy, foods that you’re not sure about, and foods that are unhealthy. The first group contains fruits, vegetables, lean meats and so on. Use your smart phone or computer to look up foods you’re not sure about, and decide whether they go into the healthy or unhealthy category. And you know what do to with the third group of food: Take unopened, non-perishables to the food pantry, and the rest goes in the garbage.

Join Us For FREE Workout With Suzanne City Fit & Myself (Konan) At UA Fitness Center First 20 People Saturday May 26th. CALL TO RSVP: 386-837-8876

City Fit is a community gym based in Mt Vernon, Baltimore. We believe in a holistic approach to fitness that builds mental and physical strength. Together we tackle barriers that hold us back. Our training programs provide support to persevere and grow with the ultimate goal of living a healthy lifestyle.

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