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The way to lose belly fat is keep your schedule for the gym consistent and eat right. The lifestyle is what makes working out fun. You can’t look at it as work, so start over with a vision of how you want to look from your workouts.  www.shape.com

Go Big or Go Home

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At the gym, focus on movements that work bigger muscle groups and multiple muscle groups (such as squats and lunges) instead of isolation movements (such as leg extensions and leg curls). These exercises burn more calories, which will help torch more body fat so your sexy abs come out of hiding, Peterson says.

Join Us For FREE Workout With Suzanne City Fit & Myself (Konan) At UA Fitness Center First 20 People Saturday May 26th. CALL TO RSVP: 386-837-8876

City Fit is a community gym based in Mt Vernon, Baltimore. We believe in a holistic approach to fitness that builds mental and physical strength. Together we tackle barriers that hold us back. Our training programs provide support to persevere and grow with the ultimate goal of living a healthy lifestyle.