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When you’re in the spotlight, you open yourself up for attacks from people you know and others you don’t. As well as praising Cardi for her success, she should have been prepared for the negativity. It seems as if every day there is something going on.

She took to Twitter to vent her frustrations.

“Everybody got a story to say about me Cardi this Cardi That all of a sudden when a bitch good .Where was all this stories and bullshit at when i was on LHH or just IG famous making videos .Im telling ya when you up people try they best to put you down.”

“And i never have to play victim i alway been a Gangsta I’m just sick and tired of people saying some shit about me,” she added. “Where was all these problems and all this bullshit at when cardi was doing mixtapes and couldn’t get on the radio ?where ?where? Now Cardi this Cardi That ?GTFO ”

With all of the drama and negative headlines, Cardi B says she will no longer be as social.

“You know what ?Im not going to let motherfuckers drive me crazy ..you will love it if i a was bum or lose everything tomorrow,” she continued. “Imma just eat ,go to the studio and post my looks and my music .Im done been social.People don’t deserve real ni**as.”

In recent headlines, there have been stories about her former manager suing her and Kash Doll reportedly taking shots at her for removing her from her song, She Bad.


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