Hurricane Harvey

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While Mexico has declined Donald Trump’s requeste to pay for that while he wants they have decided to prove that they have heart! After the deadly tropical storm Hurrican Harvey, Mexico has offered their services and any help to their neighbors in any way that they can.

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Newsweek Reports,

“The Mexican government takes this opportunity to express its full solidarity with the people and government of the United States as a result of the damages caused by Hurricane Harvey in Texas, and expresses that it has offered to provide help and cooperation to the U.S. government in order to deal with the impact of this natural disaster—as good neighbors should always do in trying times.”

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In a statement emailed to The Washington Post Sunday night, the U.S. State Department said, “It is common during hurricanes and other significant weather events for the U.S. Government to be in close contact with our neighbors and partners in the region to share data and cooperate as needed and appropriate. If a need for assistance does arise, we will work with our partners, including Mexico, to determine the best way forward.”

Big ups to Mexico!!!

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