Donnie seems to be attempting to recoup some funds. According to Bloomberg, “Trump is suing media platform CNN for Defamation.” In the lawsuit he claims, “CNN has escalated a campaign of a libel and slander against him recently because it fears he’ll run for re-election in 2024.” While CNN hasn’t made a public statement about […]

The singer and entrepreneur might need to retool his image with many after he made a visit with former President Donald Trump in Florida.

The former president and beleaguered business mogul launched yet another crusade destined to fail in his new social media platform, TRUTH Social, but Twitter is already pressing the delete button on the venture.

Trump may have lost the election, but he's gained a loyal legion of notable Black supporters who will seemingly do anything to prove their loyalty to the man they worship blindly. These "Blacks For Trump" are unwavering in their support of all things MAGA.

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On Thursday (Oct. 7), Donald Trump made an appearance on Republican spank bank network Fox News and sat down with Satan's third testicle, Sean Hannity, where the two discussed the Haitian immigration crisis.

Trump is leading class-action lawsuits against the companies, which also includes Google, but many observers believe that the business mogul may fall short of victory as he has in previous lawsuits filed previously.


The excerpts from a new book on the turmoil in the Trump administration's last year shows the former president airing his resentment towards "the Blacks" and his son-in-law and adviser, Jared Kushner.

Reports are now saying that former US President Donald Trump believes he will be reinstated with the presidency by the end of this summer. Yeah...right!

A new book claims former President Barack Obama used no uncertain terms in private when referring to Donald Trump.

Civil rights leaders argued that Facebook should take a definitive stance on Trump accessing a communication tool that the former president has often used to promote violence and chaos.

Well, looks like Donnie is in another financial entanglement, but this time with the people that supported him! According to multiple sources, “Former President Donald Trump has been forced to pay back his supporters after they were reportedly duped into making recurring payments for his 2020 campaign.” The emails had pre-checked boxes and only if […]