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Powerball lottery jackpot reaches a record $1.5 billion

Source: Richard Levine / Getty

Dre’s #breakfastbite.. Powerball jumps up to $700 million, making it the 2nd largest in U.S. history. How would you spend your money if you were to hit tonight? ig & twitter @92qjamsbmore @drejohnson1

newdiva461st quit my job, 2nd relocate, 3rd invest. In that order

daybsoflytake care of my family…after i relocate

babygirl7275@drejohnson1 I’m donating some to Baltimore to support our youth. And pay some things off


so4shoI’d work for a few months. Start the fam off with 100k to see who does the right thing. 10% to church. 1 mil to Arena Players and Eubie Blake center. Then I’m moving out the country

glennrogersjrTake 100mill to invest in black businesses. 100mill for felons that’s trying to start over. 50mill for scholarships. 50mill to buy up the vacants to create a black version of canton

parris_monroeInvest my money….Pay off any debts that I may owe….Get Rid of all vacant homes and turn them into recovery houses….shelters…Food banks….Recreational Centers…Make sure that my family is good on all ends….and most importantly I would Travel.

darkraspberryPay all my bills. Give some to my kids.

urbaninformerI ain’t telling because y’all would be trying to figure out how did I just disappear

leroythadon91Give my mom half and use some for Real estate


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