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A couple is fighting on a couch and the girl is pointing her finger accusingly at him.

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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. Do you agree or disagree that men cheat for physical reasons and women cheat for emotional reason? ig & twitter: @92qjamsbmore @drejohnson1

Pip Darby Nah, women cheat for 3 main reasons….lacking needs, revenge and curiosity. Men cheat for 2 reasons…..we are not getting what we want or l we want to.

Charles Smith I disagree and agree. Both men and women cheat for the same reason-Their self centeredness and lack of respect. They both have the same pathetic apology when they’re caught, “im sorry”. In this situation motives and reason can play a factor such as those mentioned above. The fact is we don’t have to cheat. Even better we can have conversation about what we are lacking in the relationship. Our gender however plays a big part. Men, since boys we were educated about sex differently than women. Women were bought up to find a husband that would love her. Point is cheating reasons are just EXCUSES!

 Vonnie Long What in thee hell. I guess they ran out of ideas for a quote so just through one together

jpslater1983Some of us cheat because we can .
mickmickisbackSome women cheat out of boredom or if the other party sparks something in them that they’re not getting at home 
Some cheat because they want to. They have been plotting to do it for a while. It’s an adrenaline rush
amazingameeIts always physical with men. We want attention
eryday_jayUhhhh… cheating because you can=being a dog
newdiva46Men cheat bcuz they want it all, some women cheat bcuz they looking for that attention they Dont get from their men
jusavibeNope. Sounds like an excuse for bitter females everywhere
philistine58423Nope……men and women cheat for the same reasons….
lilmisssedisagree…those that cheat, male or female, do so bc they are awful people. period.
octaviaflavorsNo some time a woman can be dogs 
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