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Authorities clear out a homeless tent encampment beneath the Whitehurst freeway, in Washington, DC.

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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. There’s about 1,400 homeless youth in #Baltimore leaving many under 18 with few options for a permanent place to live. What can we do as a community to change those numbers?

sha_mazin Stop ignoring the signs of broken households. They not running away just because. So many people turning the other cheek. It truly takes a village.

blacklivesmatter_scorpion That 30million they invested in to build another jail Um! take that money and put it towards our homeless youth. This should not be but they out their marching for illegal immigrants. These are youth and it has nothing to with behavior. Where are our #Laws here that prevent this ? Especially if they are minor’s. Smh! This type of stuff anger’s me. No parent should have their child homeless and just don’t care because at the end of the day they are still your kid’s but they wonder why they are involved in all the negative in the street’s.

r.i.c.h_titus There asses need to listen to their parents and they wouldn’t be homeless

driver_nation @r.i.c.h_titus most of the youth brother are from foster care, most don’t have parents they age out of care and have nowhere to go. This is what I do as I work closely with the mayor’s office around the youth in downtown; we must have programs in place for youth @blacklivesmatter_scorpion your right. In Baltimore there is only 1 shelter that works with youth and it’s the only one in the entire state of Maryland. The programs that exists, and there is only a few need more money for resources, we just don’t have enough funding for youth programs for youth 18-24.

bjsoden Ask more questions, people see them look at them as a threat and turn their head. Most only need that 1 helping hand to change their situation from impossible to possible.

yo.kingchaz what happens after you age out of foster care? does foster care help you get a job when you’re 18? there’s no way minimum wage can give you enough money to live on your own @drejohnson1

duk_boyz Double edge sword.. yes they are youth, however they are also …given freedoms by governments decision that real discipline is illegal.. I sell my clothing line and use profits to pay for free bus trips for our youth in our communities… however I be damn if I’m gonna have any child that I am caring for be disrespectful to me or the rules of my household. .. the choice to leave is urs.. but the option to stay comes with stipulations.. #ActAdultBeAdult

driver_nation @yo.kingchaz exactly bro, @drejohnson1 you should go live I can help answer majority of the questions being asked… there is no real plan in place to help this population, this is what I do all day bro!

driver_nation @sha_mazin absolutely right, we need more resources and more people who give a dame to help out, we have to be the change maker’s in Baltimore. The government has no solutions currently on how to reach this population.

adey_okupe @drejohnson1 We have a governor who rather build a jail with Millions of dollars than pump the money in programs that can cater to these people …

sha_mazin Last year, I started a nonprofit, #fho2hu and I’m definitely all for incorporating some type a resource for them. We all have the power to do something.

Ashley Brooks-Harlee With so many vacant houses & buildings in Baltimore there should be no way that we have so much homelessness. As a community we need 2 be figuring out ways 2 fix up, clean up, & open up some of these vacant houses & building 2 temporarily house our city’s homeless until they get on their feet. Especially our youth becuz they r the future of our city. Future athletes, drs, musicians, politics could be 1 of those homeless youth right now. But they’re worried about their next meal & where 2 lay their heads & can’t use those beautiful minds 2 their full potentials. It’s devastating.

Tanaye Brooks Inform the Mayor to find some funding and knock down all these vacant and abandon homes and rebuild to make them group homes or free shelters.

Charles Smith I don’t get it!. We live in a country that has placed a mans feet on the moon right? We live in a country that gives a way between 1 and 900 million dollars on a weekly basis in shitty games like mega million and powerball right? We live in a city that has over at least 100 abandominiums right? We lived in a country where an african american was the leader of the free world right? So we have the knowledge power, we have the money, we have occupancy and we have US the people…so i am confused…why do we have homeless teens or ppl in general? I don’t get it!

Terrence Teel No comment. Baltimore ….Baltimore…More civic and community action and accountability as well as infractions for its oversight of this epidemic of homelessness for all not just teens

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