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Would you date someone 10 years older or younger than you? Why or why not?

Helen Washington I would. I have. It didn’t end well.

Melissa Green I would. Dating could lead to being good, responsible friends or possibly a mature, lasting relationship. It really depends what you want out of it and who you want to give it to you.

Mekea Shanea Abso fu*kn lutely!

missfarleypants Age ain’t nothing but a number…if it’s legal 👌🏼of course

comediantydavis Yep!

southern_gent Yes

justlikealotus7.20 Yup…as long as he’s mature!

__lovingmykids1 Yes I dont think it’s nothing wrong with it i like older men

mizzsagittarius_1211 Yup younger 😉 hey Dre 😘

im_kbee Sure would… I’d prefer older though. 47 is more appealing to me than 27

whthershey209 Older yes…younger probably not. It all depends on the situation

iamdjbunk I would do both older and younger, I’m 28 so it’s Kool either way for me

just_keysh I can do the older not so sure about the younger man.

daunshay I’d do the younger not the older. I stay within three years older that’s it

iambeauty_8 Yes, my boyfriend is 12 years older than me. I absolutely love it‼️ The maturity level is what attracted me to boo.

teray1b Younger yes if they are mature. And older if they aren’t set in their ways and open-minded

eldridgemartin50 I’m single but I want the type of girl who can love me

greatnessis_me No because that would be illegal and older yes if they young at heart

secretlyobsessedbeauty Definitely older than me because I pray and hope they have there life together and hope they can bring the same things I can to the table and more. Been there and done the young thing , epic fail.

ju_indatrenches 10 yrs older becuz dey kno wat dey want nd don’t play games bout it nd more respect

hood_legends410 Hell yea nothing like an older female who kids are grown!!😂😂🍑😲 they tryn go all night!!

mikasmurfbaby Yup

rokstarr2 Dont say nothing when your 16-year-old daughter or son walkin with a 24-year-old man or woman….then its hell to pay…Rokstarr say better watch what you feeding

bello_cita Definitely not 10 years younger than me. The maturity level is just so off and but ten years

older it all depend on where he is at in life.

ggwinkler2 Sure would it’s all about the happiness

_raambo.02_ Older

bytyra_ Yes I would. I would be open to either n hopefully their mindset is mature and not slacking.

sapphyremom_77Yes, actually he is 13 years younger. He treats me like a queen.

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