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‪#‎nightcap‬.. How would you react if you found out your mate secretly recorded you two having sex? ‪#‎thezone‬

Helen Washington Pissed. If I wanted it recorded, I’d suggest it. Shoot. I might wanna run for public office someday. No trust. No tape. No issue!!

Charles Smith That’s some selfish shit to do to the one you say u love. Betrayal to the highest. How can I trust them after that…maybe if they would have considered me and asked how I would feel, I might wld have agreed..but it was done out of sneakingness(if that’s a word), and no good can come from a person who does the wrong thing for the wrong reason.

Melissa Green I would feel betrayed and would have felt my privacy was invaded. Next step…. Give the video and memory of it or we go to court!!!

Selina Author Selina Polk Well that being my other half . I wouldn’t mind only because of this reason I know it would go any further but between us . I think it would be really sexy and beautiful Not only that but it will be nice to remember moments of us making love and be able to reflect back on it when we have those arguments those little corals that we had when we are upset with one another we can reflect back of those private sexy moment of us together reminding us of how much we love one another I don’t really think I would have a problem with that definitely not ashame of mine body that I have been blessed

always_bry Ask them was it a good video that would be my reaction @92qjamsbmore @drejohnson1

brilldawtaLet me see shit how was did I show out or naw 😂😂😂

unicorn121303 Make sure to watch it and then take it from his possession, tell him if anyone sees it or if there are more copies I will send a copy to all his family members… @92qjamsbmore

soulfullyb I would want to see the video. If he sent leaked it to the media…..automatic divorce! LOL

blacklivesmatter_scorpionCan’t undo what is already done. I hope he caught me on a good angle though. 😂

blacklivesmatter_scorpion I mean seriously if it is already out there what can u do? Be mad but it’s still out there. ijs!

Ray Raya “I would be on fire”…………….. I would definitely question his integrity & character. Why would someone secretly do that to their partner……………doesn’t make any sense……………….he would definitely feel the draft !!!


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