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Remember all that bubble wrap we saw Tommy packing up earlier? Well this is what he was using it for.

Tommy and Julio Power Season 3

To put fear in the jokers he almost got into a knife fight with earlier in the episode he wraps them up in bubble wrap to cushion their fall from the roof. Tommy is here to send a clear message that he’s in charge and not Ghost but Julio is not here for his reckless methods. During the whole ordeal Tommy decides to reveal his face to let them know who’s running things. After Tommy pushes both men off the roof Julio makes the mistake of mentioning Ghost’s name and Tommy loses it. He goes full Dylan on Julio and chokes him out warning him to never say the name Ghost to him ever again or face the consequences. 2aB4rfr

Fresh off his choking by Tommy, Julio runs to Truth to talk to Ghost damn we mean James. Unfortunately for James Angela peeped Julio and his insanely large 718 gang tattoo on his neck approaching him. The two head into James office to talk in private.

Ghost and Julio Power Season 3

Julio explains to James that Tommy is off the chains now and that if he keeps this behavior up that he’s going to get them all killed. James is no longer in the game so he doesn’t care what Tommy does anymore and reiterates to Julio that he’s strictly a nightclub owner now. Extremely disappointed that the man who got him in the game is abandoning him, Julio decides to leave. Not before he reveals that he has to do a pickup in Elizabeth, James immediately realizes they are still working for Lobos which means he might not be dead.

Meek Mill Shouts Out Drake During Concert Angela is still suspicious after witnessing Julio and James encounter in Truth the other night. She decides to put her detective hat on again because she clearly recognized Julio. She goes back in some old files and pulls out a picture of Julio and Tommy together.

Angela discovers Julio Power Season 3

Ahhhhh man something else for to press James about when she sees him at home.


Andre for some strange reason doesn’t own a tie so he goes into James desk looking for one. Not only does he find a tie to wear but he also discovers the bloody card in the drawer. Before he can get caught looking at it, James walks in and he quickly gathers himself. James is clearly spooked now after his conversation with Julio and asks Dre if still has his gun on him. Dre of course never leaves home without his piece and reassured James of that.

Now for one of the huge moments of the episode, during a meeting about the launch of J.S.P. nightlife Ghost reveals he is looking for a general manager to help run all three of his nightclubs. He calls Kantos to the front and it looks like he’s about promote him.

James firing Kantos Power Season 3

Insteaaaaddddddd James completely blindsided Kantos and fires him in front of everyone making him look like a complete fool.


Now we don’t feel sorry for Kantos at all but he was definitely on the verge of telling James that Greg stopped by asking questions. Now we don’t know what Kantos will do now that he’s fired and was completely embarrassed by him.

Tommy’s little show of power by throwing those poor saps off the roof seems to have worked. All of the other factions are falling into line and won’t dare to question Tommy. Tommy then turns to Julio and tells him to keep the fact Lobos is alive between the two of them and to never second guess him ever again. Julio agrees but definitely looks like he still wants nothing to do with Tommy and how he runs things.

Tommy checks Julio Power Season 3

Angela is now super suspicious of her reformed boyfriend James once again as she fears Ghost isn’t as dead he says he is. Over some reheated Chinese takeout, Angela decides to ask James about Julio and why was he at the club that night. James finally breaks down and reveals that he saved Julio from the gang and that Julio used to work for him. Angela of course loses it thinking James lied again but James reveals that he came there to find out if he was truly out the game or not that’s it. James gives Angela the trust speech and it instantly works on her.

James and Angela Power Season 3

Since they were being honest with each other Angela reveals to James that Lobos is not dead confirming his fears. Angela unfortunately tells James that Lobos believes the Jemenez were behind the attempt on his life not him and that he is safe. “Ghost really is dead”.

We focus back on Tommy who comes home with a box of pizza for him and Holly. He notices it’s unusually quiet as the dog isn’t barking nor did Holly greet him at the door. Tommy notices a trail of blood on the floor leading into the bathroom and we immediately think Lobos got to Holly. Tommy bends down and reveals the victim to be:

Tommy and his dead dog Power Season 3

Oh nooooo not the dog, we cannot lie we really wished Holly bit the bullet but oh well.


Lobos isn’t playing with Tommy and now the pressure is on him to kill Ghost now more than ever. We zap back to James and Angela and they are both in bed and we are going to assume after a round of intense sex. Angela wakes up and goes in the bathroom, James reaches over in his jacket pocket and pulls out the bloody card.Now knowing the job on Lobos failed he makes a call to Tommy.

Ghost calls Tommy Power Season 3

He doesn’t use James either when he leaves a message he says it’s Ghost! WELCOME BACK POWER!

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Oh we cannot wait till next weeks episode, looks like we are in for one hell of a season!

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