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Tommy is out building relationships with the different factions in the city. Now that he’s in charge and Ghost is gone it’s time to make sure they know who is still running things.

Tommy setting things up Power Season 3

His last meeting with Koreans was very interesting. The son of the head honcho recognizes Tommy and asks him about Ghost. Tommy reveals he doesn’t run with him anymore and the leader reveals that he doesn’t “like doing business with niggers, can’t trust them”.


On that note Tommy leaves but he is now officially set up and good to go. James on the other hand is not feeling quite safe anymore. He decides to hire some top-notch security for the clubs composed of former military men . He ensures James that he is worth every penny and will keep James and his club safe.Ghost hiring new security Power Season 3

Angela is still worried about Greg, but it looks like that he is not the only person she will have to look out for.

Saxe Power Season 3

Saxe puts her on notice and tells her that if she does anything to jeopardize his career he is going to make sure that Angela goes down with him.

Tasha seeks out Tommy looking for the truth about Shawn’s death and decides to head to his apartment.


She catches him walking out of his building and immediately informs him about Shawn getting killed. Tommy also backs up James story confirming that he was with him the night of Shawn’s murder. He also confirms that James did “kill” Kanan easing Tasha’s suspicions of her estranged husband. Tasha tries to get more answers out of Tommy but to no avail he’s wants nothing to do with them.

Tasha and Tommy Power Season 3

Greg clearly got time and he is dead set on clearing his name and bringing down Angela and Ghost in the process. Greg visits Truth to have a small conversation with Kantos about Tommy and James.

Kantos and Greg Power Season 3

Kantos quickly shuts that down by telling Greg that he hasn’t seen Tommy in a long time and that any questions about James he can ask the man himself. Kantos gets the message and leaves Truth.

Mike pays a visit to his boss Jefe in the hospital, his greeting wasn’t as warm as he would like as Lobos tries to attack with a scalpel to get some answers.

Lobos and Mike

Lobos wants to know why he isn’t being extradited to Mexico as planned. Mike tells him he tried to lose the argument with the judge on purpose but he couldn’t control her. He didn’t mention that Saxe and Angela made some very compelling arguments as to why his ass should stay in the states. Jefe also wants to know why his assets are frozen and Mike explains to him that they government wants it to look like he is dead. Mike also tells Lobos that after he frees him that he and Lobos will done no longer have any ties. Lobos of course doesn’t agree with that and asks Mike why would he let go his own U.S. District Attorney that’s in his back pocket? Lobos also inquires if Ghost still has Angela in his back pocket ? Mike tells him that yes they are still dating and that Angela asked to sit in on their interrogation. Jefe agrees to it, he wants to test Angela and see if she handle the pressure. Mike tells him to not doing anything to Angela as it can ruin his plan to damage the case cause she is important to the plan.

Ghost is still searching for Tatiana and heads to her apartment to look for her for some answers.

Ghost doing detective work Power Season 3

Unfortunately for James she is not home, BUT James ever so clever observes the doorman’s break schedule and decides to come back another time.

Angela and Mike interrogate Lobos face to face finally. Lobos immediately tests Angela character by trying to insult her but she doesn’t even blink at his insults.

Lobos, Angela and Mike Power Season 3

Seeing that Angela is tougher than he thought Lobos finally decides to comply. He convinces Angela that he believes the Jemenez are behind the attempt on his life even though he knows it was Ghost. Speaking of Ghost he returns back to Tatiana’s apartment building but this time he has a plan.

Ghost Going For a Jog Power Season 3

Knowing exactly what time the doorman goes on his Newport break, James jogs right past him through the back door into the building.


He makes his way upstairs to her apartment where he makes a grizzly discovery.

Bloody Scene Power Season 3

It appears someone has already taken her out, basically tying up the loose ends on their end. So much for getting information out of her.

We catch back up with Tommy who appears to be getting ready for some sort of extracurricular activities involving bubble wrap. Holly walks in carrying stashes that both him and Ghost left scattered across the city in case sh*t hits the fan. Tommy and Holly Power Season 3

Holly is excited she finally got to do something, the two then begin to engage in a little raunchy activity. Before they can get down to business Tommy’s phone rings. It’s Jefe on the line and he’s got a message for Tommy, basically telling him to rub out Ghost A.S.A.P. or there will be dire consequences.

Back at the St.Patrick’s residence Tasha and James take time to talk to the kids to give them an explanation as to what happened to Shawn.

The St Patick Kids Power Season 3

The kids still are slow to grasp the situation, things get really tense when their daughter asks why James is not coming home. Dinner quickly comes to an end, James assures Tasha that they will understand eventually. She tells Ghost that she hopes he’s right, James then replies to Tasha that she doesn’t have call him Ghost anymore call him James.


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