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The focus now shifts on Tasha and James son Tariq who are mourning the death of Shawn.

Tasha and Tariq Power Season 3

Poor Riq😦. The young man is deeply bothered by the loss of the Shawn and wants to know exactly what happened to him. Tasha tells her young son that the police have not yet contacted her about exactly what happened to her young boo thing. But in the back of her mind though she has her suspicions as to who killed Shawn.


No longer in his luxurious and super spacious apartment, James is still getting used to his new living arrangements with Angela.

Angela and James Power Season 3

The couple seems to be ready to take things to the next level as James proposes that they eventually move into a bigger apartment. Angela then reveals that she is going to request for a department change, we all know the main reason for that *coughs* Greg. In doing so though she would be working more hours, James is also putting in more time working now that he runs not one but THREE clubs. Angela then tells James that she thinks it’s time to meet his kids. Whenever James is ready to take that step that is and James is totally is on board for that idea.


At the same time we couldn’t help but think Tasha’s reaction would instantly be like this at thought of her kids meeting their dad’s mistress/girlfriend.


We finally catch up with Greg and boy is he a mess. Still reeling after Angela lied on him and got him suspended, he is even more focused on proving she is fraud and is in cahoots with Ghost.

Greg Power Season 3

Despite the sound advice from Saxe urging Greg to move on and let the case go, Greg is now more determined than ever to clear his name and bring down Ghost.

Greg obsessed Power Season 3

Kantos looks to get back on James good side after initially betraying him and deciding to work with Stern.

Kantos Power Season 3

Kantos manages to lift Stern’s V.I.P. list and shares it with James, he appreciates the gesture by Kantos but you can clearly tell he doesn’t want anything to do with him.


Dre walks in and the meeting quickly ends, before Kantos is able to leave James informs him he will be accompanied by Andre to his new club Verbatim and he is to show him around. Kantos pretty much knows his time maybe drawing to an end and leaves the room discouraged.

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Dre jumps right into expressing his frustration with going the straight and narrow. Dre explains to James that his intention was to only look clean, but not actually go clean. Dre still wants to move weight and was looking to instantly fill the role Tommy once had working with Ghost. James once again breaks it down to Dre that the club is the hustle now, that the drug game is over for them.

James and Andre Power Season 3

James took Dre under his wing to give him better options but Dre doesn’t want to hear it. The streets is where he feels he truly belongs and Dre has other plans in mind when it comes to getting paid.

Angela makes her pitch to Mike to transfer divisions or to another district. With the threat of Greg coming back looming over head and of course dealing with James she feels it’s time for a fresh start. Mike on the other hand thinks other wise and denies her request.

Angela Power Season 3

He tells her he needs her on the Lobos task force, he reveals Lobos is conscious and they are still proceeding with the case.But we know he’s got something up his sleeve.

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James on the other hand is putting his detective skills to work trying to figure out who exactly left the card on his desk. James combs over surveillance footage showing a young woman named Tatiana Boriskaya who works for him leaving the message for him.

Ghost going over footage Power Season 3

James is determined to get to the bottom of this mystery. Meanwhile Mike, Angela and Saxe meet with the judge and Lobos’ lawyer regarding the case. Lobos’ attorney asks the judge to dismiss all federal charges and he be extradited to Mexico since he was attacked in their custody.

Mike and Angela Power Season 3

Saxe comes up with the idea that the government should keep the notion going that Lobos is indeed dead and that the case should be tried as John Doe prosecution in order to protect Lobos from any harm. Angela makes a compelling argument for the motion and the judge agrees. When the meeting is over Angela asks Mike if she can go with him to interrogate Lobos. Mike tells her that he will get back to her.Image (2) Samuel-L-Jackson-Drinking-Sprite-Pulp-Fiction.gif for post 108427

James heads to Tasha’s crib to have some words with her. Tasha thought he was coming to speak to her about Shawn but he’s there to speak about Angela and her meeting the kids. Tasha’s immediate reaction was basically:

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Tasha wasn’t here for any of it, she immediately jumps on James for not being there to help her break the news of Shawn’s death to the kids. She then becomes even more suspicious when she notices the scars on James face and asks them how did he get them.

Power Season 2, Episode 9 Recap

James is not to happy to hear that Tasha thinks he’s behind Shawn’s death insisting to his now estranged wife that he sent him away.

Tasha and Ghost Power Season 3

Tasha of course doesn’t believe him and rightfully so James has been lying to her ass for quite some time now. James tells Tasha that Kanan was behind Shawn’s death and that his scars came from scuffle with Kanan in which he thinks he killed him. We know that to be false, and he also tells Tasha that Lobos is dead as well and we also know that to be false. He most importantly tells her that he’s out the game,Tasha is still very reluctant to believe James but he insists he is telling the truth and Tommy of all people can vouch for him.


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