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eason 6 finale of Game of Thrones was E P I C to say the absolute least. You would have thought it would have been extremely hard for them to follow-up the “Battle of The Bastards” episode but they did!

The trial of the century as far as Game of Thrones goes finally takes place. Cersei and Queen Margaery’s brother Loras were set to face judgement from the annoying High Sparrow.


Queen Margaery looked like she was about to get her revenge on Cersei with the help of the High Sparrow. Loras admitted to his “crimes” and was mutilated after he gave his name and became of member of the Sparrow’s crazy cult. Margeary wasn’t here for that at all, but most importantly Cersei’s was noticeably absent and that was lingering in the back of her mind.


Margaery rightfully so knew something was wrong, of course the sinister Cersei had something up her sleeve. As the trial carried on without her, all of the cogs in Cersei’s dastardly plan were quietly spinning.


Sir Gregor, Cerseis zombie protector kept King Tommen from going to the trial by holding him in his quarters. Meanwhile disgraced Maester Qyburn and his “little birds” (candy addicted spies/assassins) dispatch Grand Maester Pycelle in a gruesome scene. Nothing could prepare the folks attending that trial for what was going to happen to them next. Margaery knew her nemesis Cersei had them all setup and made and attempt to leave, but unfortunately none were aware they were about die a fiery death by wildfire that was stored below them.


In one blow Cersei took out all of her adversaries, she is one cold B I T C H!


BUT that move also proved to be a costly one for her as well (or was it). In the process Cersei lost her last remaining child Tommen who decided to take a leap of faith out of a window after losing his queen.


The prophecy of Cersei being all alone has come true, all of her children are dead but at least she still has Jaimie I guess. Speaking of Jaimie me makes his return home so he can run to the arms of Cersei only to see a huge hole in the middle of Kings Landing.


When the smoke cleared, it now leaves Cersei as the Queen of the seven kingdoms as she now sits on the Iron Throne.


Moving on from Kings Landing, whats going on with Daenerys Targaryen? Everything is falling into place for the Mother of Dragons.After successfully defending Slaver’s Bay now fittingly called Dragon’s Bay it’s time for her to hop on a boat and take her insanely large army and dragons to Westeros.


Before she does so, she tells her lover Daario that he cannot come and he must remain in Essos and ensure that the peace continues. Daario isn’t here for it and can’t let that sunshine go and already knows this suggestion comes at the hands of her trusted adviser Tyrion. Daenerys decides to talk to her small but wise adviser and it’s here  Tyrion admits his admiration for his queen and it low-key looks like he’s falling for her too. Daenerys takes the opportunity to thank Tyrion for all he has and done and makes him the official Hand of the Queen.


Daenerys and her mighty army set sail finally it looks like we will finally get the showdown between her and Cersei we all have been waiting for.



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We also get an update on the girl who still has a name Arya Stark. Looks like she has finally acquired the skills of the many faced crew and pulls a fast one on creepy Walder Frey. Frey still celebrating taking Riverun from the Blackfish with the help of Jaime and the Lannister armies. Frey is enjoying a quiet meal alone in his hall when a young attractive woman serves him a meat pie. He notices that she isn’t a lady of his court because she is “too pretty” and then proceeds to smack her on the butt.


He starts to wonder where his son’s are and the young woman replies to him “they’re here”. Walder looks at her pretty much like:

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The young lady then shows Walder Frey that his meat pie was made from his sons as a finger could be seen in the pie. She then pulls off her mask to reveal that she is indeed Arya Stark. In the bossiest way possible,  she pulls back Frey’s head and slit’s his throat.


Just like how they did her mother now that’s what I call revenge. Arya is now a cold-blooded assassin and is crossing names off her list. UH OH Cersei and Jamie look out Arya is coming for you and she most definitely has a name!


Last but most definitely not least we catch up with Jon Snow. Fresh off their victory reclaiming WInterfell with the help of Sansa, Petyr Baelish and the Knights of Vale there seems to be some tension between Jon and Sansa. Jon of course the good brother that he is admits to Sansa that if wasn’t for her they would have been defeated. He is a bit weary why she didn’t tell him about Petyr as Sansa has become a bit sneaky.That’s definitely a product of Petyr rubbing off on her.  Jon tells Sansa they must trust each other in order for them to remain strong together. Sansa informs Jon of a white raven lying to Winterfell. “Winter is here” Sansa tells Jon, the two have a moment.

tumblr_o9fja6cXue1sx6ojdo4_250 tumblr_o9ft2p5OcZ1rjn473o1_500

Now if you remember last episode Davos found the hand carved reindeer he gave to Shireen the daughter of now dead Stannis Baratheon. Davos grew very fond of the young girl, so to find her scorched corpse was very heartbreaking for him. He interrupts a conversation between Jon Snow and Melisandre. Davos demands Melisandre admit to Jon what she did to the little girl in the name of the Lord of Light. Melisandre begrudgingly admits to the sacrifice but explains that Stannis and the child’s mother were for the move. Basically she told the truth partially cause Shireen’s mother definitely didn’t want to burn her at the stake.

Davos was not hear for any of it!


Davos insists the Jon executes Melisandre but instead Jon banishes her from Winterfell telling her if she ever returns she will be killed. Now which brings us to the biggest reveal of the entire episode! You didn’t think they would forget about Bran and his super long journey right? Bran wargs back in time to the moment where the old Three Eyed Raven stopped him from seeing who exactly his father was about to see in the Tower of Joy. We find out the Ned encounters his sister Lyanna Stark who is dying after giving birth to a child. We find out that child is indeed Jon Snow making him a Stark and not Ned’s bastard son.

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BUT that’s not at all, not only is Ned Stark not Jon’s father we also find out the Rhaegar Targaryen is Jon’s father making him a not only a Stark but a Targaryen as well.

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In order to protect his sister’s child Ned claims Jon as his own bastard because remember it was open season on Targaryen’s, they were being slaughtered. Lyanna makes her brother promise to protect her son and for the most part Ned did just that.


From there we zap back to Jon in Winterfell where all the clans in the North unite and decided to follow the White Wolf, Jon Snow who has been named the King of The North!


All of the pieces are set for the game, now we can’t to see how this all plays out in season 7 of Game of Thrones!


Of course we had to see what the fans reaction to the Season 6 finale were. Hit the gallery below to see the hilarious reactions to the final episode of Season 6 of Game of Thrones.


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