Zoe Kravitz Doesn’t Want To Be The Token Black Girl

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The Tribeca Film Festival concluded its 15th year on Sunday as it showcased some of this year’s biggest prospects in film and television. Among the impressive catalogue of films is the romantic standout, Vincent N Roxxy starring Zoe Kravitz and Emile Hirsch.

The Gary Michael Schultz production is the tale of a troubled inner-city girl, Roxxy, who is the love child of both hip-hop and rock n’ roll. As strong as she is vulnerable, Roxxy is a loner with a penchant for trouble.

One morning, fate would have it that Roxxy encounters Vincent (Emile Hirsch) who saves the beauty from a vicious attack in broad daylight. The duo soon learns that violence will follow them at every turn, even as they unexpectedly fall in love.

#TeamBeautiful caught up with Zoe and her co-star Kid Cudi, who takes on the role of Suga, on the red carpet. Check out the video above as Zoe and Cudi reveal their thoughts on diversity in Hollywood.

Zoe Kravitz And Her Boyfriend Look Like Lisa Bonet & Lenny Kravitz 2.0
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