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A couple is fighting on a couch and the girl is pointing her finger accusingly at him.

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Dre’s #nightcap.. All relationships are tested. Name a time when your relationship was tested and how you overcame the test? #thezone

Melissa Green There was a time when my other half was introduced to the world of craps,(that is dice for those who don’t know!!) any who, he became addicted to it and it started causing Financial problems. My 40 hrs a week turned into 50/55 hrs. My 5 days working became 7. He worked also but his $1350-$1400 every 2 weeks turned into him bring home $50. I tried to hold the household down for the sake of my son but I was burnt out. So, I bounced with my son.

prettyblack_mariah Me and his mom never was on the same page, she hated my guts and I never knew why and he would just sit there. I never told him to choose but I did have a talk about her being cordial when around me and he had the talk with her and she lighten up. Beefing with a parent is no joke so that was a huge step!

jemelhbrown Being in love with a person you had an affair with is so hard only GOD can make you overcome it. Some problems in relationships are too hard to overcome 💯 I tried to retrain my mind and make myself look past a persons faults and short comings & except them being basic (Which i personally don’t like in a mate) just so I would not be so lonely & basically so that I could “make them” become the love of my life in my eyes in my past relationship. But it just did not work but only for so long. I kept throwing it in my lovers face just so she could see. but I wasn’t really happy inside. I tried to overcome my problems through my music but I NEVER overcame my relationship problems, I just acted like I was ok to survive… until she realized it devised a plan & left me & the person I had the affair with is still with her man today doing the same thing she was when we started. Lol but that’s how it goes bro. @drejohnson1

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