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Dre’s ‪#‎nightcap‬.. Would you date or marry outside your race? Why or why not? ‪#‎thezone‬

Nathaniel Bland I can’t do it..

Chereese Barrett Yessss!!!! & because I’ve never dated outside my race as well it would be trying something different.

Mike Savage Well my kids mom is white so race should never be the reason to not date that she loves you and you love her race should not matter it’s about the

LaToya Frazier Yes if I met someone who sparked my interest.

Tammy Also Tina Love has no color. If you truly have love for someone and they do for you then nothing else matters. If people are so against you then at least you can fight the ignorance together.

Bentley Mercidenz it shouldn’t matter long as they have your best interest

Brigitte Blake Yes i could.. I don’t see color… I see character

Melissa Green I’ve never dated outside my race but is planning to. I’ve been curious to see what situations will prove to be different. For instance, would I be able to connect emotionally. Will I be nervous to touch him or he touch me? Just how different is it to make love to a man of a different race? Would I be afraid to claim him as my man? That’s just a few. No half stepping!!!

thescreenwriter07 Maybe a Brazilian woman. Or a Kim K look-alike. But other than that no I doubt it. But truthfully if you find the right one you’ll know it and race won’t matter.

tek_knowledge White people and people of color can’t even get along or establish equal meaningful relationships. So some isolated cases work, but in general, including my own experience, those relationships have extra problems that other relationships don’t. Buyer beware.

2luvshan I was holding this convo with my co workers (predominately white teachers). How the population of black men is decreasing, and good black men seem to be extinct. So I’m going to start dating white men.

red_pochantas_ For some yoke means different things. Its 2016 what is someone primary race ? wth? Black is not a color n white is not a color n I don’t define myself n categorize n e thing by skin color u never know what someone is by lookin at their skin. So. Idk. This is a huge issue for all races and females n males way too much

badd_diva1 I would date outside my race I love diversity but I jus seem to fit well like a glove with a black man

dragonflyest_aj If you limit love to color, that’s just where you will remain, limited. JMT

darl3n3_i_am I have, and I suggest any wo

darl3n3_i_am Women^ considering to be aware of cultural differences, and traditions

tt_3_ I love chocolate, can’t get with the pink …. just my opinion

red_pochantas_ Too much racism in prejudice all thruuu everywhere u go. That’s exactly why some truly need to be color blind or something ….. Mmmmm mmmm mmm god forgive me. But when the color is available to the eye. All perspectives are in & all most negative. Color does not matter ur heart does . your intentions. Be in whatever relationship with whoever u want if it fits your flavor the stability u feel u want or need in your love n companionship world. U Know what’s right n u know what’s wrong listen to ur head & make it teach ur heart . watch all signs to love more openly n be more open-minded to all views .

ceecee.47 I tried and it was a Jamaican that didn’t work at all and I believe that right there if you know anything about how they can be.

killerbees09 I think I could if she was. Respectful