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A man casts his vote for midterm general

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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. Felons in #Maryland now have the right to vote before they finish probation and parole. What are your thoughts?




Cornell Willis They are citizens that have made errors in judgment, but have paid their debt to society. In my opinion, they are entitled to exercise their rights as citizens.

Keisha Henson I think its great. There are many felons that are good people who just got caught up in a situation. I think those felons deserve a chance to engage in the community and live good lives.

Renaissance Rell We are letting Stephanie Rawlings Blake finish her last term disgracefully. So why not let the citizens that has paid their debt to society the right to vote. Live and Love a Drama Free life.

Nard Terrapin Ravens Basically, the right to vote should be second nature.

Dorethea Stepney Taylor Get them all registered!

Dwayne Torain It’s a great idea. It’s their right as an American citizens, their voices should be heard. Besides all felons aren’t bad people some just got caught up in bad situations. Any and every one has the ability to change, well let’s say grow as an individual let’s not pass so much judgement on them we have all made mistakes.

whthershey209 They should be able to vote. Just because they made mistakes should not take away their civil right to vote.

henrygannett I believe mass incarceration and its effect on voting are systemic racism. I hope that when Felton’s vote they will vote for people who will reform our criminal justice system.

leo_tria79 They should be entitled to vote, I am on the fence about those who have been paroled because they technically have not completed serving their sentence.

1sickcharger Bout time @drejohnson1 we live in a city where the pettiest charge will hold you back from moving forward

cristalonair Good for them:):)

call_me_msdrewery They should be able to vote. Because it’s about time the state stop contradicting themselves. U can’t let a person out of jail yet hold a crime that they have paid their debt for against them and take away their vote. Everyone deserves to have a voice . they pay taxes just like the rest of us. I guarantee your status of having record doesn’t matter when it comes to state taxes and other responsibilities.

paulacampbell Awesome

porterboi76 I believe it’s a wonderful thing. I was once incarcerated and upon my release I was not awarded the chance to vote. But thanks be to God I am able to now and these men/women should have their voices heard as well. P.S. and I do get out there and vote!!!!

melanin7.20 Why not! Everyone deserves another chance.

augustbabeeI agree make them feel like productive citizens again and move in the right direction.

yoshinomitsu @tattooking200 make sure n***** know because we need em this year. #notrump

__prettylittlesecret__ I agree….#felons #vote #maryland

sexyazzshottagurl That’s great I just hope they become aware of the fact and make sure they vote

chrisdin__ They will not exercise their right to vote, passing that bill was a waste of time.