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Fill in the blank. I really need to stop _________? @92qjamsbmore


Vonnie Long Addicted to Porn and fried chicken wings. Good morning Dre

Tyice Pulliam Smoking cigarettes

Renaissance Rell Entertaining opinions that really don’t matter.

Toiya Best Cursing…

NoOnes TakingCharge Smoking cigarettes

Tabby McKoy Drinkn beer

Cj Nickens Filling in blanks

Tanisha Perry Procrastinating About My License!!

Ebony Conyers Cursing

jav_523 Worry about who my friend and who’s not

whthershey209 Worrying about others and not putting myself first

cristalonair Being so sensitive

cristalonair Responding to internet trolls

cristalonair Dancing in public LMAO

jpslater1983 Stop worrying about things I have no control of.

1sickcharger letting ppl cut me off in traffic lol gm bro aye don’t forget to get them tires for your whip

leopardlady715 Procrastinating

comediantiffanydicks @drejohnson1 I really need to stop expecting people to support my dreams when most of them are only having nightmares

alwaysbeautiful_smith Stop failing my driving test

nonchalant_clint32 Eating my enemies and start eating friends nah not like I mean poor food choices lol

newportricks Being late 4 work!!!!

og_mac73 Smoking. It’s been a struggle, but I’m determined 💯

a1tyesha Complaining about things I can’t change

realrealrc Procrastinating

ziggy_boi16 @drejohnson1 I need to stop hitting the snooze button and start getting to work on time!

killakab Good Morning, I really need to stop trying to be so independent and ask for help when I need it.

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