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Sidewalk covered in snow, Spokane

Source: Rob Casey / Getty

Dre’s ‪#‎breakfastbite‬.. Today, the city will begin giving citations to homeowners and businesses that haven’t cleared their sidewalks from snow. What are your thoughts?


Keisha Henson Pathetic smh I can see if ALL the streets were plowed smh can we fine her for that?

Toiya Best Its bulls*it!!! The city and the mayor have some damn nerve. I bet she didn’t shovel not one bit of snow. Did you know that it’s the citizens responsibility to shovel the alleys also, this is per your mayor!!!! She’s ridiculous!!!

Cristal Lee It’s needed but it’s BS

Roslyn Smith She has lost her damn mind

Keisha Henson What she should have done and passed out shovels and salt since she not doing her job. She also need to enforce the litter law that’s $100 fine. She should realize that would bring in the MOST revenue as filthy as this city is smh uber all this snow is tons of trash. Give us our damn trash cans and some shovels and fine those that drop trash in the ground

Donald Smoot Can the mayor get fined for the city side walks

Sharbett Morton Gm that Major is a joke more money in her dam pockets. I will be glad when her pathetic butt is out of office, oh the struggles keep getting real

Charles Smith Then she should give out free shovels like she did with the trash cans….but I’m not against it

Monte Bowens Well they must be over budget so I guess somebody gotta pay for it ijs haaaaaaaa

Corahnda Carter St Cyr Well guess what? I’m not shoveling the sidewalk cause that’s city property i own everything from the end of my sidwalk to the end of my driveway. So I wish they would give me a fine. #seeyouincourtmayor

Cj Nickens City property are not exempt from the law. This include dilapidated row homes on the City’s inventory for development. All the City’s housing inventory is public knowledge and can be found at Baltimore City Community Development office.

Darlene Dolly Lee The Mayor needs to be hit with a couple of snowballs knock some sense in her head.

Juanita Genia Finney As well as should be….mail delivery has to go on….its been 3 days…from postal worker…

whthershey209 How are you gonna ticket people for not shoveling but they haven’t plowed all the streets That’s crazy

almondjoy424 Anything to save face

1sickcharger @drejohnson1 The city need to be kicked in their ass they done bumped they heads can we fine them for not plowing the streets ? lmao gm bro #early

thedivajessicamarie But they can’t even plow the streets. Can we charge them for the time we stuck and can’t get to work?

r.i.c.h_titus Money hungry, at least finished their part

luvme_or_hateme_ashcash This is terrible but it is expected from a mayor of her character. what about our elderly and disable? But she doesn’t care about that. She is selfish and I can’t wait until she is out office. City over time had to be paid some way right ?!?!

satianashae They haven’t even cleared my street yet! I still can’t go to work! They can go ahead and eat that yellow snow over there.

og_mac73 To tell the truth they should. Who doesn’t know that you are responsible for snow removal from your property.

foxytbaby_ What’s funny is they tell you that you don’t own that damn sidewalk but want you to shovel it and just like others have said, the streets aren’t even shoveled!!! There are elders who have not shoveled because they can’t and people can’t get to them because the streets are blocked.

foxytbaby_ Further, how will the lazy ass city workers issue the citations???? I know damn well they aren’t walking door to door because they won’t be driving or parking on streets with no parking or streets that haven’t been plowed

daniheartscurls I agree remove your snow.. Where will the kids walk when the need to get to school. Or the the elderly when walking. If you have a sick or elderly neighbor..here’s a thought. Do it for them?

foxytbaby_ You can’t “assume” that neighbors will do it. It’s a nice thought but not a safe assumption!!!!! However, family members may want to but when you can’t get to them because the streets are undone, then what??? I just think it’s piss poor planning and execution. Some streets have been hit twice and a lot of streets are untouched!!! I live one street next to a hospital and not one street in my neighborhood has been touched. Smh

porterboi76 My question for the city is…where will we put the snow? Citations is ridiculous!!! Give yourself citations for all the stupid things your Mayor and Police is doing!!!

babygirl_qeeHow you does the city plan on giving out citation to people who haven’t cleared their sidewalks if the city hasn’t even cleared their street? People are still literally stuck in the house cause they can’t get off the block. SMH

jus_tammia Of course we need to move the snow but so does the city you can’t just go fine people some are disabled and elderly and you can not determine if others will remove the snow for them do your job mayor you have a team and you all should know your citizens knock on doors and find out if they need help you had no problem knocking during election time so do it now

misslenajames They didn’t clean the streets wtf

blissfulibra Looks for the #MiddleFingerEmoji…There it isssssss🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽!! The City of Baltimore can kiss my grits and as a former Inspector for the City whose job was to issue snow citation (which I NEVER did) here’s some advice…If you do get a fine, request a hearing!!


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