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Snow Parking Becomes A Tense Game Around Boston

Source: Boston Globe / Getty

Dre’s ‪#‎breakfastbite‬.. Do you respect your neighbor’s decision to place chairs or other objects to save a parking spot after a snowstorm?        





Chereese Barrett I’ll take Yesss for 500.00 Alexxx!!!! After they dug that spot out for hours. Regardless if it’s not their spot they are the one who cleaned it out it’s basically a respect thing.

Dorethea Stepney Taylor Yes, if you dug it out it’s yours until the snow is gone.

Cj Nickens Neighbors may respect it, but snow plows won’t. The better course of action would be to have the neighbors take an hour and clean the street. By clearing the street and not just parking spots, you increase the amount of space for parking more vehicles.

Raydiva Oneal But then you have people from the next block parking on your block

Cj Nickens The thing is every block should do it. I know some people will try to take advantage of other hard work and that is unacceptable.

DjBunk Dodson Don’t mess with my spot or you getting flats 💯

Keisha Henson No it is illegal and causes situations. Now if it’s a major snow storm then yes I understand but I saw chairs out after that dust yesterday smmfh if everyone got out there collectively and cleared all the spaces there would never b a problem and if u have elderly people who drive on your block make sure u hit theirs too. People do this mess around my job, even when there is no snow at all

Raydiva Oneal I WISH A MF WOULD!!!! 🏾🗡🗡🔪🔪 you gonna visit somebody in my block and move my washing machine out of my spot!? I no it’s a visitor caused my neighbors wouldn’t do that

Darlene Dolly Lee Some neighbors don’t respect you. I shoveled like a slave one year and my neighbors took my spot every chance they got. It became a BIG issue and the police were called.

Timeka Wright Yes

king_me_kira_ Yes because if I dug myself out of a spot nobody better not touch my spot tires be on flat dfl

whthershey209Y es and I hope that they would respect mine it’s a lot of Time and energy to dig out a lot of snow for your parking spot

hellorello_ Only IF they dug themselves out…. If I dug that spot and they slid in it and threw my chairs Imma knock on a door. 💯

og_mac73 I know people like to say it’s ghetto, but if you took the time to dig out a spot it’s yours.

jpslater1983 Yo I glad I have a driveway

tylynnc In Baltimore county it’s not allowed last year police patrolled the area and removed all objects saving parking spots so ppl lost chairs and everything they used to save a spot Great idea 2014 was a mess fights arguments and so much more so I agree with no holding spots

lj_ur_fav Hell yea if they respect mine if not, I  will put all the snow back on their vehicle

1goodcancer @drejohnson1 ..Of course, definitely after you done broke your back shoveling ….You’ve earned that spot

loyal_nek Yes if I shovel all that damn store I expect to have my spot when k return . that s**** ain’t easy.

1sickcharger Not in the city they won’t you gone come home and see them chairs thrown down the street lol @drejohnson1 this is Baltimore the word #Respect don’t exist bro gm early

cupcakematters  @drejohnson1 if you park in my spot, I’m pouring hot water over your tires and door locks.

living_lovin15 I would definitely respect it but of course Every neighborhood is different! And the environment , Technically if you don’t own a house with a drive way and assigned spot in front as well… Well u know! But ppl can be cruel when u don’t respect it!

jav_523 Hell yea cuz am have my live room in my park spot

living_lovin15 @jpslater1983 agreed, glad I have a garage and drive way🙌🏽

shanicakes0902 Absolutely if I shovel it out, please don’t park there. Whether it’s in front of my door or not! But a lot of us don’t respect ourselves let alone someone’s property or effort for that matter. Shoot some of us don’t even know our neighbors anymore and that’s not good. Back in the day this wouldn’t be an issue because everybody got together to help each other out. We need to get back to that!

blizz40 I’m on the fence about it but what I think a neighborhood should do Is band together ands shovel all spots out to help those neighbors who are unable to do it themselves. #teamwork


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