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Sen. Barbara Mikulski Announces Criminal Justice Reforms Aimed At Building Trust Within Police And Community In Baltimore

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Dre’s ‪#‎breakfastbite‬.. According to a new study, ‪#‎Baltimore‬ has the 2nd highest eviction rate in the country. What are your thoughts?


Tanisha Perry SAD, It’s Because of These “Minimum Wage” Jobs…The State Needs To STOP Procrastinating & Give Citizens A “Livable Wage” Like Other States/Countries!!

Terrence Teel Wow!! Never would have thought second.

MsHappybymyself Parham Cost of living is high, NOT to add other necessary bills… Like bge & water!! Having to choose between these things, on top of taking of your kids. Some landlords could care less, some are slum lords. In ppl don’t know where to go for help. Just my opinion, no replies needed

Djuana Fair They should have rental assistance programs for those who make below a livable amount. Here,the only way you can make it is if you already have section 8 or public housing. Everyone else is basically in poverty

Stuart Goodall How you got the 2nd highest eviction rate, but aint nobody in Baltimore bummy? Stay fresh to death.

Lemon Head Rent cap is needed n wages need to rise for all..

Lemon Head The hell with renting why not OWN OUR HOMES.

Ferrari Gill Shrugs pay your bills

Amanda Phifer No rent in Baltimore city should be 2800. Who can afford that?? I have a good paying job and I don’t even want to pay that at all. That’s what pushed me to purchase my home. Mortgage is 575 in a nice community

Justin Hedidthat Off topic but you right us Sagittarius do run the world it’s our season

fee_baby_ Rent control..pay these people more 💰..Dre they can’t even afford daycare let alone bge

eboni_2 If there are no jobs for ppl, how are they supposed to pay rent or buy basic necessities…so sad

tallreek I got rooms for rent 30$ a day .. flat screen TV, washer no dryer, clean sheets daily, microwave, fridge.. 5mins from downtown, plenty public transportation near by … I got you . get at me

1sickcharger @drejohnson1 cost of living continues to increase yearly but our pay stays the same how can we progress smh its set up to keep the rich wealthy and keep the poor struggling 💯 gm bro #early

dvell_ The cost of living here is too high. The job pay does not add up with the cost of living.

londynparadise@1sickcharger where’s your spot? I just moved out here from NYC!

1sickcharger @londynparadise to donate i can make arrangements to have the items picked up just email your contact info to bfautoclub@yahoo.com

successful_tony The cost of living is steady increasing while pay isn’t nowadays it takes two strong incomes to sustain a stable household

calisweet04 I’ll have to agree wages aren’t were they should be regarding the alignment to your degrees of education

brooklynbred8 ROSE!! Rising over struggling environment

dmvwinelady Poor Money Management has to Stop……. More Job Resources are Needed “Break The Cycle” #myNonProfit #BreakTheCycleInc

londynparadise Hunny I live in the county tho, no shade!!

_simplicity_31 Give them to me I will fill the block up. After school-house for kids,teen center,study buddy house,teen collage preparation,women and children shelter,men’s resource center,the list can go on and on. But they rather leave them as is or tears them down

danisobeautiful It’s ridiculous! I work in property management I’ve seen ppl get evicted over less than $100 simply because they don’t care. I’ve seen many cases of ppl with subsidy from the programs and they lose it due to drug activities, non-payment of rent, or poor housekeeping.

sweety_pop_Why do people see living in the County is a come up :-/

_imdrena_ They need to clean up and sell the vacant homes and they need to assist low-income families with affordable housing!

nubian_queen63 I agree with everyone but one thing I know is these jobs don’t pay enough… especially when you have property buyers who update these homes and make them sky-high in low-income areas where ppl cannot afford them… so yes the landlord don’t care so they will evict,and ppl homeless some by choice and some because there are not enough resources out here. I pray things get better with my city 🙏

nomii_bee @danisobeautiful I work 3jobs and they equal over 40 hrs a week but I still Dont make enough to cover expenses and save up after caring for my 3kids. Can you help me find affordable housing cuz where we live at now I feel like they gettin over

1sunshine42 Face it times are hard…You have a lot of people who are living paycheck to paycheck and inflation is going up but the salary is still the same so it’s hard to stay ahead. If you don’t have a household with more than one income these days it’s gonna be a struggle and most of these individuals are probably single parents trying to take care of everything on there own…#thestruggleisreal

girl_onederGentrification is real.

sheasheas_sheashea Homeless people, dropouts, kids not going to college, people who are just struggling need to be able to have access to programs that can teach them the skill/trade on how to fix up these homes. There needs to be funding available to give these people loans in order to fix up these homes. Classes need to be given on finance/taxes and how to maintain a good standard of living. Out of these programs the people could have their own business as a handy man, HVAC, plumbing, financial advisors, flooring, and other things. They also need to be given resources on how to get more education if the desire and the financial assistance available. People say it is so much money out there that goes to waste, it is because the people who are looking for it can’t find it!! It is hard to find, purposefully. Of course counseling/therapy.


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