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Dre’s ‪#‎breakfastbite‬.. Name one ‪#‎Christmas‬ gift that you are wishing for this year?


John Quinton Gregory Peace in Bmore

NoOnes TakingCharge ButMe Wealth

Keisha Henson What John Quinton Gregory said yes indeed

Chereese Barrett To continue to have the gift of life to see another day for my Mother,Myself and my children.

John Quinton Gregory Yes Miss Henson WE NEED OR💯 GM

Terrence Teel 2016 Mercedes G – Wagon for bae

Cristal Lee Sewing Machine:):)

Cheri Henry For my catering business to take off check me out at ReeRee’s kitchen on facebook

babygirl_qee Please tell me where this is, I wanna take my mother

prettiboitroi Wishing that God continue to bless my family and friends this year and all the years to follow. Gm Dre!!👋🏽👋🏽👋🏽

harleyheadz A new Harley Davidson leather

ms585ny Someone to pay a bill or two of mine. No but seriously good health for my family and loved ones!

cnl1300@drejohnson1 peace in the streets of my beloved city Baltimore @92qjamsbmore

1sickcharger @drejohnson1  gm bro I don’t celebrate it but im hoping the city receives a heart because right now its cold-hearted out here in these streets #Early

mz_fab_coco @drejohnson1 To have my bills paid and anything MICHAEL KORS😍

keevieskia Cliche I know But Peace On Earth! Especially here in our City! That’s all I really want in real life!

jpslater1983 Just one million dollar scratch off

neka27 For all this violence to stop…. bring back the love peach and happiness in Baltimore for us to support one another and stop the hailing and down play

crzysexycool410 A bill paid! #SoSerious

1humblelady25 For all my family to be sitting at the same table👶🏾👦🏾👧🏾👨🏾👩🏾👳🏾👲🏾👵🏽👴🏾👸🏾👭👬Without fighting❌🚫🔨🗡🔪

brown1014z Pay my loan off

writingismyrefuge My kids to be happy

iheart_merlot To give my kids everything they asked for

satianashae A smile on my babies faces and somebody to pay my credit card bills!

t_lady_ Those code red tickets lol..I love Monica @92qjamsbmore

i_am_mrs_lawson All I want for Christmas is for my kids to have a wonderful Christmas

nevaehlove11 To be pain-free @92qjamsbmore

nevaehlove11 And able to give my baby a Christmas @92qjamsbmore

football_pops To wake up

braelyns_mom2013 To be able to take care of my two yr old and new-born comfortably

godssonhutch A better job

sweety_pop_ My 15 passenger van so I can start my transportation company… follow me if you need transportation :-)

mizzsha_618 Better job more money Have a great holiday with my children


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