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People Cleaning Up Baltimore After Riots

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Today’s Breakfast Bite focuses on the youth of Baltimore – earlier this week a student at Frederick Douglass High School was charged as an adult with attempted murder.  The charges stemmed from a fight at the school, in which the student brutally beat another student, his football teammate, allegedly over a stolen piece of football equipment.  We want to know why you think the youth of today are so angry? 


Rashawn Shakur Thompson It’s all starts at home no fathers in in the house hold and most if them suffer from lead poisoning

Irasempress Bah It’s so much trouble of the world and different negative influence that it’s hard for our your to figure out their paths of which is right and which is wrong. Lack of attention and guidance. Our youth have silently been crying out for help and love…See More

Vonnie Long Good morning Dre. My opinion too much caffeine and sugar in their diets. I mean what else would it be.

Richard Brown Jr. They not angry the respect for the other person is gone

Kevin Boardley Stupid and dumb he going to jail and kick out school for a long time .

Tee Denton I think the parent/ parents have alot to do with this. And tv and rap videos/music. That was horrible what the child did and needs to be charged as an adult. Smh, gm Dre

Keisha Henson I believe it is a lack of guidance, support from others outside of the household, major problems at home like drug, sexual abuse, mental and emotional abuse, and lack of morals and respect for life. People it is not always the home either and we need t…See More

Pebbles Lewis Dre Johnson, their homes are broken. The parents are barely older than their children and the police don’t allow you to tear their behind up when they’re doing wrong because there’s so many cases of child abuse. The kids are basically running these houses today. #NOTMINE

Kizzie HoldingItdownsolo Cutes These children today swear they have to prove themselves. He probably got carried away because of the other children cheering him on

Josey Wales Lack of guidance,no positive reinforcement. They need something positive to strive for instead of getting praised for being the “big gangster,goon,thug,bullshit rapper.” Let these Lil ni**** know it’s cool to be a brain surgeon or a high paid lawyer,or a teacher.

Sha’Nika Focusedonmines Lewis Gm I believe they are angry for numerous reasons. They have to deal with a lot of issues at home, and just everyday life lack of positive role models, drugs, mental health, no income, parents struggling, death and unfortunately they don’t have anyone …See More

Kellie Knight Mental health is a serious issue in the Baltimore City Public School System

Dishae Thomas Lack of love &&attention. Now days u have absent parent and the other just don’t care what u do. He had so much anger inside. Its more to him being mad over a hat. That was a mess

Sachae Carter It starts at home, I know from experience growing up in a violent environment , I became very violent as a youth thinking everyone wanted to attack me, but as I got older and my mind fully developed and matured I understood and knew how to handle things, so instead of just throwing him in prison, try getting him some help. However, he should have consequences.

Chimere Mccoy Everybody wanna be Money Making Mitch.

Kelleen Jones Man he saw them phones come out and wanted to show off for world star / social media in general! I’m glad his ass did get locked the fuck up!!!

Patricia Lee When we were teenager and thing we’re rough for us at home, streets, school we were strong enough to handle it and not beat people. Th I s kids now a days are angry for what we don’t know. It could be peer pressure. It could be he wanted to fit in . But…See More

Tyice Pulliam They are not angry its like a competition who is harder than who and I think it comes from what they see on an everyday basis. If u ask me I think its sad and down right disgusting that the children of these generations that’s upcoming no longer value …See More

Denise Lumpy Robbins I think when a kid is hugged and told often how much he is loved I think it helps them to be kind to others. A lot of kids don’t get that today.

Shebretta Sheridan I’m praying for the victim & the villain…these young people need Jesus

Denise Talley Nwosu The foundation in the African-American family is broken. These kids are misguided confused and down right have no respect because it’s not being taught.No one wants to take responsibility these days.Black lives matter to who because it’s seems like the…See More

Latisha Crowder no parental guidance

Damien Marcano I blame the internet. It gives too much information to the wrong people. Now a days everybody thinks they know everything. All because Google tells them.

Shaneka Johnson Because their parents are trying to be their friend instead o f being there PARENT….. they need love some one to really vent too and also they don’t know the true meaning of being a friend they need to get off of social media and all these electronic they don’t know what it is to go outside and play to have true real friends I’m almost 28 and when I was young we was outside playing we got punish and all and kids today don’t have that love and support from the communities and parents just don’t care like they use to…. they just need to be shown that it’s a better way to release stress and angry it’s always a better way


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