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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. What were you doing 13 years ago on 9/11 when America was attacked? What was your reaction? #92qjams #baltimore #MARYLAND #bmore #thursday


bigmarco711 @drejohnson1 I was at home getting ready for work & my first thoughts was getting to my kids to make sure they were safe

living_lovin13 Gm* @drejohnson1 typo sorry

lilcupcake86 In my 10th grade American Govt class. All televisions showed the media coverage and many students were terrified to travel home.

thebrandonmurray On my way to work when The announcement of Michael Jordan returning to basketball then minutes later, one of the twin towers blew up

sweethunni84 I was in 11th grade and we saw the planes crash into the towers. And a lot of my friends had parents who worked at the Pentagon and they couldn’t get through to them. It

1_fine_teacher In 11th grade going crazy worrying about my dad cuz he worked at the Pentagon. He was safe thank u Jesus!

theeamayalove I was in 10th grade at Randallstown hanging outside my 2nd period before it started and my classmate calmly said “somebody just said a plane crashed into the World Trade Center” I said the one downtown or the one in New York? They turned on the TVs in class and we saw how horrible it was

tunces95 I was at work and someone called me to tell me that something happen with airplanes and buildings. I worked downtown and they were on high alert. They had police with assault rifles outside out windows. We could not leave the parking lot.

minister_ronald Blessings today to you Dre I on 9/11 was watching it on TV as it happened in shock, waiting to pick up my little girl from school.

ambition_is_sexy I was in the 7th grade an English class all I can remember is my teacher crying what’s funny is that now I am a teacher and my students are too young to recall the day

piscean.beauty I was still mourning Aaliyah’s death. I was in middle school. I remember I walked passed the library to go to the bathroom and saw the planes hitting the tower. I still wonder how did they get in the air so fast to even capture that. But today is my granddads birthday. Rest peacefully pop

satianashae I was in the 5th grade at gwynns falls elementary and I remember looking out the window at the Legg Mason building downtown because I thought they were gonna hit that next.

adrienne_0083 I was at norfolk state univ. Freshman year getting ready for my english class. Prayers up for the families affected!! I will never forget that day & the lives lost & the way the entire country united

ven_ey5 I was in the 7th grade. I remember being in math class and watching the second plane hitting. Seems like yesterday smh.

lastofadieingbreed69 I was leaving school. I was a senior only had classes for a half day. I didn’t here the news until I got home.

gemini_sista I was home in disbelief that we were under attack watching the whole thing on TV…😭😭

connie_3loves I was giving birth to my son Derrick fowlkes .. Happy 13th birthday son.. #salute

keciaarmstead On my way to work it was unreal. My Lil cuzzin came into the world that day also.

Stuart Goodall  Doing? Watching the news.Reaction? Same as everyone else’s …..Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn!

 Marcus Ah Simpkins Ahh the buildings were imploded.. No conspiracy theories..

 Delores Millerbland In college getting another’s degree on working with problem students.

Tyra Foster I was in Wal-Mart they put the whole store on lock.

Tee Williams Plan’n my daughter 1st Birthday Party!


#NowWhatBmore Town Hall Meeting At The Empowerment Temple


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